Fortnite Memorial to a Cube in the desert and by a lake locations: Where to visit the Kevin tributes

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It seems fitting that our old pal Kevin has finally been immortalised by a Fortnite Memorial to a Cube, and there are in fact not one but two of these tributes to find on the island as part of the Fortnite Worlds Collide challenges. You'll initially just need to go to one of these Fortnite statues, but if you prestige your challenges then you'll need to follow up by swinging by both of them. If you're ready to visit a memorial to a cube in the desert and by a lake in Fortnite, then we've got both of their locations for you.

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Fortnite Memorial to a Cube locations

Fortnite Memorial to a Cube locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've marked the locations of the two Memorials to a Cube on the Fortnite map above, for ease of finding them. You'll spot one of them towards the southwest of the Loot Lake area, on a small island in grid reference E4, and the other is in the desert biome southwest of Paradise Palms, near the oasis on the border between grids H8 and H9.

Fortnite Memorial to a Cube by a lake – Loot Lake E4

Fortnite Memorial to a Cube by a lake

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This Fortnite Memorial to a Cube by a lake can be found (unsurprisingly) at Loot Lake, in the section south of the Rift Zone. Of the south cluster of islands here, you want to land on the one to the northwest (closest to the old dock) where you'll find the Kevin monument and a sign.

Fortnite Memorial to a Cube in the desert – Paradise Palms H8/H9

Fortnite Memorial to a Cube in the desert

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To find the Fortnite Memorial to a Cube in the desert, you need to head southwest from Paradise Palms. Look for one of the rocky outcrops near the oasis which has a circle of scorch marks on top of it, and in the middle sits the tribute to our cuboid friend with another sign.

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