How to get Fortnite Fortbyte 7, accessible by using the Cuddle Up Emoticon inside a rocky umbrella

The collectible hunting continues with Fortnite Fortbyte 7, which is accessible by using the Cuddle Up emoticon inside a rocky umbrella. If you want to find this Fortbyte fast in Fortnite Season 9, then we can show you exactly where you need to go. Firstly, you can speed up the process if you add the Cuddle Up emoticon to your main emote set, though don't stress if you haven't done this as you can always access it through the emote wheel. You'll earn the Cuddle Up emoticon once you reach Tier 8 of the Battle Pass, so depending on how much Fortnite you've played already this season you might need to earn a few more Battle Stars to get there.

Once you're all set, drop on over to the rocky umbrella, which as most players will know by now sits just southeast of The Block on the Fortnite map, as we've shown below:

Fortnite Fortbyte 7 is sat on a ledge above the small tunnel at the base of the umbrella handle, so there are two ways you can reach it - either approach the rocky umbrella from the south and drop directly down onto the ledge, or head down the ramp inside the umbrella handle then build up to the ledge when you reach the bottom. Once you're alongside the chip, fire off the Cuddle Up emoticon and it will then become collectible, so grab it and you'll have one less Fortbyte to think about.

While you're down in the base of the umbrella handle, you should duck into the short tunnel as there are usually plenty of supplies in there. Don't forget to break through the wooden wall and rocks ahead of you, as there can be another chest tucked away at the back there. If you've not been there already, do take a look at our complete Fortnite Fortbytes guide for daily updates on the most recently revealed collectibles, plus a comprehensive summary of all the Fortbytes that are available so far along with their locations.

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