Where is Fortnite Fortbyte 22, accessible by using Rox Spray in an underpass

Are you catching up with Fortnite Fortbyte 22? If so then we've got the information you need to find it, right here. To get started, you can make things easier for yourself by selecting the Rox spray as one of your main emotes, though you don't have to do this as you can pull it up from the emote wheel at any time during a game of Fortnite (opens in new tab). The Rox spray unlocks at Tier 6 of the Battle Pass, so as long as you've made a little progress in Fortnite Season 9 (opens in new tab) you should already have it.

When you're ready, head on over to revamped point of interest Neo Tilted on the Fortnite map (opens in new tab), as marked below:

Head towards the southwest corner of Neo Tilted and you should see an underpass running below the main street, with a truck parked at the entrance to it. Go past the truck and you'll find the microchip hovering in the corner, but you won't be able to collect it until you've made your mark in this area with the Rox spray. Pull up the emote then stick it on the wall or floor, and you'll be able to grab the Fortbyte for your growing collection.

Let's be honest, we all know about Tilted's reputation by now, so this is never going to be a quiet area to spend time hanging around in. You'll want to get in quick, spray your Rox tag onto the wall or floor, then grab the Fortbyte and boogie on out of there double time before you become a sitting target for the rest of the players descending on Neo Tilted. Remember to keep checking in on our complete Fortnite Fortbytes (opens in new tab) guide regularly, so you can eventually find all of the elusive chips and decrypt the mystery hiding behind those little squares.

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