Fortnite Diving Board locations for the weekly quest

Fortnite Diving Boards locations weekly quest jump off
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Finding locations for Fortnite Diving Boards has never been so important, as now there's a weekly quest in Chapter 3 Season 3 that tells you to Jump off a Diving Board to earn a reward. A fairly tricky challenge as they go - while the actual jumping off the board is easy-as-pie in Fortnite, knowing where to find a Diving Board can be a little harder. Fortunately, here's a breakdown of where Fortnite Diving Boards are waiting, and how you can get the quest to Jump Off a Diving Board sorted out.

Fortnite Diving Board locations

Fortnite Diving Boards locations weekly quest

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At time of writing we know of two areas with diving boards in Fortnite that players can make use of:

  1. The lake between Shifty Shafts and Tilted Towers has numerous diving boards, marked by the quest itself. They're abundant here, but be wary - this is a busy region at the best of times, and now there's a challenge marking it and tempting more people to go, expect conflict if you're hanging around this zone.
  2. The other diving board we know of can be found on a small, stone plateau, South of Rocky Reels and North of Chonker's Highway, overlooking the curved river known as Horse Shoe Hideout. It's unclimbable without some sort of special item, like the Fortnite Grapple Gloves, or by crafting staircases up the side (or even just jumping down onto it directly from the Battle Bus at the start of the game).

Otherwise the key is to keep an eye out for the telltale white strip that marks a Diving Board in Fortnite. They're relatively bland pieces of architecture - it really is just the board, not anything else like a staircase or railing - and keep an eye on raised sections of ground or structures next to water.

How to complete the Jump Off a Diving Board weekly quest in Fortnite

Fortnite Diving Boards locations weekly quest jump off

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Fortnite Island Hopper

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Once you've found a Diving Board in Fortnite, at Horse Shoe Hideout river or anywhere else, simply step onto the end of it and hit the jump button. You'll be propelled bodily into the air, far greater than any standard jump, something you'll need to do three times to complete the weekly quest and get 15K XP as a reward.

We've also tested this, and despite the phrasing of the quest, players don't need to actually bounce off the diving board into water or onto land. Rather than having to climb back up each time, just hop on the end like a trampoline and quickly rack up the three bounces needed for victory.

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