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The Flash S1.04 Going Rogue Review

If you wanted to be really churlish, you could question whether a brand new spin-off show – and one that has already featured one crossover cameo with its parent show – should pull the trick off a second time in only its fourth episode. Doesn’t that feel a little like a lack of faith?

On the other hand – it’s Felicity! And she’s wonderful in every scene. And she fits into The Flash with such elegant ease, you kinda wish she was a regular character on the show, except that’d mean Arrow would lose her. There’s even a completely believable story reason for her turning up this early.

The scenes with Felicity and Barry geeking out shamelessly are huge fun, but their little heart to hearts are also sweet. Their final scene on the train is fan-baiting, sure, but you still love them both to bits. (And was it just us, or did anyone else think that Barry was doing an impression of teenage Clark Kent from Superman The Movie when he was racing the train? Even the whoop of joy sounded similar.)

Security Issues

The firm transporting the diamond is called Black Hawk Squad Security, the same firm that Diggle used to work for in Arrow.

Felicity could have been a secret weapon to liven up an otherwise dull episode, but the main plot here is no slouch either. We get to see Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart, aka, Captain Cold, who’s set to become an ongoing villain (and the leader of a league of supervillains known as the Rogues). And very good he is too. After the ranting, chaotic, opportunist metahuman menaces of the first three episodes, it’s good to have a change of pace with a cooly calculating villain. He even has a nice line in dry humour. Somehow he also manages to keep a straight face with some of the less-than-subtle fire-and-ice references in the episode: he uses liquid nitrogen in the first heist and one of his (soon to be ex-) hoodlums says, “We don’t need the heat.” There’s a thin line between clever and corny.

Even Eddie develops a personality this week and you can finally believe Iris might fall for him. On the other hand, the way Joe and Eddie suddenly become best buddies (even though all the objections Joe voiced to Iris about their relationship still stand) is far too convenient and TV-scripty.

As for Doctor Wells, good to see him show his true colours to (one of) his team this week. Anybody else suspect that his anger was a bit of a front, and he “stole” the freeze gun himself?

Another solid, highly enjoyable episode with some moments of visual flourish. The Flash is showing no signs of slowing yet.

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Maybe we weren’t paying attention, but we only spotted this one this week.

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Captain Cold

Leonard Snart is another villain straight out of DC mythology. He was introduced as an enemy for The Flash in Showcase #8 (1957). He became the leader of the Rogues, a supervillain cartel (hence the name of the episode) which in some incarnations included Heat Wave (introduced in Flash #140, 1963). Since Heat Wave’s real name is Mick Rory, we’ll let you join the dots as regards to that final scene…

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Curiouser And Curator

Dexter Myles, seen here as the suspicious employee and Central City Museum, was once the curator of The Flash museum in the DC universe.

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Trick Or Treat

The compere at the coffee shop quiz is Oswald Loomis, who in the DC comics New Earth universe is a former children’s TV presenter who becomes the supervillain The Prankster (first introduced in Superman Volume 2 #16, 1988). He’s chiefly a Superman enemy.

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Diamond Life

The jewel that Snart is trying to steal is called the Khandaq Diamond, so presumably it comes from the North African country ruled by DC antihero Black Adam.

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Best Moment

You’d think four episodes in the FX team might be getting a bit thrifty, but there are still some gorgeous set-pieces in “Going Rogue” including the train crash.

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Why, when Snart first uses his freeze-gun, did the screen fill with an image of what looks like maggots or noodles?

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Best Line

Felicity: “Let’s just say my team has a similar set-up but with more pointy objects.”

The Flash airs on Sky 1 in the UK and the CW in the US on Tuesday nights.

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