FIFA 21 price guide: get the best version for you for the best price

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Sure, it's been out for about a month now, but plenty of players will want to get the best FIFA 21 price going after the initial prices have now relented a bit, and there are those who have been eyeing up a FIFA 21 pre-order for PS5 and Xbox Series X and S when the launch of the upgraded versions release on December 4, 2020.

FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S is going to be the most definitive version of the game on the market and is a must-buy for any football fan. However, even if you do plan on getting on one of these cheap FIFA 21 price offers, it must be noted that you cannot pre-order the game exclusively for PS5 or Xbox Series X|S; you need to pick up the current-gen version which will then work with the upcoming consoles. So, if you've managed to buy a PS5 or find Xbox Series X stock, then you have the option of getting the best FIFA 21v price now on current-gen consoles or waiting a bit.

When it comes to the specifics of FIFA 21 this year, the gameplay is vastly improved from the disappointing FIFA 20. As I explained in our FIFA 21 review, attacking football feels fluid and creative, with new off-the-ball runs and close-touch dribbling allowing players to skip past defenders. In Ultimate Team, fitness cards have been removed and you can now customise your stadium, to give your club some much-needed TLC. On the other hand, Career Mode has also seen some Football Manager-inspired improvements with features like the all-new development centre and simulated match launcher that you can in and out of whenever you like during a match.

Even though it has some drawbacks, EA has done enough to push FIFA 21 back to the top of the football-game ladder once again. If you're wanting to play on the new systems, we'd recommend getting involved as soon as possible with one of these FIFA 21 deals because that way, you can play on your existing console before taking advantage of the dual entitlement free upgrade.

There are also various special editions on offer which include some top-notch Ultimate Team offerings, and we've got deals on those too. Keep on reading for the current best FIFA 21 prices and FIFA 21 pre-order info for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Get the best FIFA 21 prices and deals

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You can pick up FIFA 21 from a number of outlets, but these are the most reliable with some of the best prices. Retailers aren't offering their own bundles or special packs as much right now but that could be set to change with the next-gen versions so we'll update this page as and when that happens.

FIFA 21 prices and deals - Standard Edition

FIFA 21 price

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FIFA 21 prices and deals - Champions Edition

FIFA 21 price

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The FIFA 21 Champions Edition comes with up to 12 rare gold packs in Ultimate Team, along with a cover star loan item, ambassador player pick, special kits, and stadium items, along with a career mode homegrown talent.

FIFA 21 prices and deals - Ultimate Edition

FIFA 21 price

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If you opt for the Ultimate Edition — along with Mbappe in some joggers on the cover — you'll receive all the goodies the Champions Edition, along with double the amount of rare gold packs. Perfect for any Ultimate Team players.

Getting the most out of FIFA 21

FIFA 21 is an intense game, especially if you're playing Pro Clubs or co-op seasons, so you'll want one of the best PS4 headsets or best Xbox One headsets — or best PS5 headsets/best Xbox Series X headsets if you're aiming for next-gen — both for the cracking tunes on the soundtrack this year and for crystal clear communications with your mates. You'll also want to pick up one of the best gaming TVs, simply because there's nothing better than sitting back with a massive telly in front of you and scoring a worldie with the Messi you just unpacked in Ultimate Team. Alternatively, if you play anywhere other than the living room, make sure you play in comfort with one of the best gaming chairs.

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