FIFA 20 weekend league tips: 8 ways to top the FUT Champions leaderboard

FIFA 20 weekend league tips
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If you're giving the game's elite tier competition a go, you're going to need our FIFA 20 weekend league tips. It requires you to play 30 games, Friday through Sunday, against online opponents to try and earn the best rewards. You can get some seriously worthwhile rewards so even though it's a big commitment for a full weekend, if you're a hardcore FIFA 20 (opens in new tab) player, it's worth your time. Here are our top FIFA 20 weekend league tips to reaching the highest tiers.

1. Plan the weekend

FIFA 20 weekend league tips: Schedule

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Mastering FIFA 20 weekend league is as much about not burning out and playing too much as it is actually winning your matches, so our absolute top tip is to plan your weekend schedule. You need to play 30 matches in total so do your best to play a chunk of them on Friday evening, before jumping back in on Saturday. If you tend to get frustrated with FIFA, step away when it gets too much on the Saturday, then mop up the final games on Sunday, schedule permitting.

2. Build the best team you can a few days before

FIFA 20 weekend league tips: Team

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Spend some time during the week building the best possible team your budget will allow for, then play some games and practice with them so you become familiar with everyone's strengths and weaknesses. It's all well and good hopping into matches with Nabil Fekir and his incredible finesse shots, until you realise you're playing him on the left side of the pitch and he's left footed, so when he cuts inside every shot is fired into row Z.

3. Skip celebrations and replays

FIFA 20 celebrations: Push Ups

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It's all well and good dabbing on your opponent when you score a worldie, but have some sympathy; weekend league is a strenuous activity for everyone involved and most players are just trying to get through it as quickly as possible. Save the celebrations for friendlies with your mates and rivals matches, and press L1 + R1 to skip the celebration and replay whenever you score in weekend league. Plus you're just asking for a comeback from your opponent if you celebrate brashly.

4. Utilise your subs

FIFA 20 weekend league tips: Subs

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Chances are, you're rocking a fitness team to switch out whenever your main eleven are too exhausted, but don't bother with that in weekend league. You want to pick up some players capable of being super subs when you reach the 60th-70th minute in-game, because your starting eleven will quickly tire.

5. Hoard fitness cards

FIFA 20 weekend league tips: Fitness

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Along the same lines, we'd recommend hanging on to both your normal and squad fitness cards from any packs you open. Nobody wants to spend time playing with a fitness team, you want to jump right back into weekend league as quickly as possible, so make sure you've got lots of fitness cards to apply whenever your players go below 90 fitness.

6. Play cautiously with custom tactics

FIFA 20 weekend league tips: Custom tactics

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It's far too easy in weekend league, and FIFA 20 in general, to attack from the kick-off then be hit with a swift counter attack and go 1-0 down inside 10 minutes. Instead, don't throw your game plan to attacking right away; pass it around slowly, gauge how your opponent plays, then work your way up the pitch. Create your custom tactics to suit this and you'll be golden.

7. Select two opposing kits

FIFA 20 weekend league tips: Kits

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This sounds painfully obvious, but make sure you've got two kits selected in your club that contrast. Don't let the game pick a kit for your opponent because it's unreliable and may well pick two that are similar, so make sure you've got a home and away that are easy to distinguish between.

8. Remember penalties

FIFA 20 weekend league tips: Penalties

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Since weekend league matches are mostly close fought affairs, you'll find that a good few of your games go to extra time, and sometimes even penalties. If you fear penalties are approaching, plan ahead and sub on your best penalty takers because otherwise you risk ballooning them over the bar.

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