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FIFA 20 Summer Heat: 'best of' campaign brings back 181 special cards

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Football is back at long last – and FIFA 20 Summer Heat is EA’s way of celebrating its return in-game. Instead of a traditional FIFA 20 Futties campaign, Summer Heat mixes in a load of ‘best of’ card re-releases with brand new items, such as an upgradeable Ferland Mendy. There’s some free stuff on offer too. How does it all work? Get your studs into our FIFA 20 Summer Heat guide to find out.

FIFA 20 Summer Heat: what is it?

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FIFA 20 Summer Heat replaces FIFA 20 Futties, the traditional end-of-season blowout in EA’s footballing juggernaut. It’s doing so because most football seasons have only just kicked off again following a three-month break, brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. 181 cards which were only available for a limited time have been reintroduced to packs, while new SBCs and objectives enable you to bolster your club with further boosted cards. Tanguy Ndombele (Tottenham Hotspur) and Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid) are the first two players made available in such a way.

FIFA 20 Summer Heat: which cards have been re-released?

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181 cards are included in the first set of FIFA 20 Summer Heat items re-released into packs. 30 are from the Copa Libertadores kick-off squad; 26 are FIFA 20 Headliners; 22 are FIFA 20 OTW cards; 24 are FIFA 20 Shapeshifters; 15 are from the Winter Refresh; and the rest are FIFA 20 TOTW cards from weeks 1 to 16. 

Of particular interest will be Robert Lewandowki’s 96-rated Headliners card, which in the first evening back in packs was selling for 265K - more than a million coins cheaper that his 99-rated FIFA 20 TOTSSF card. That’s superb value. Also of interest to many will be a 92-rated Ngolo Kante, switched to centre back as part of the Shapeshifters campaign. He’s retailing for 255K as I write this. 

The campaign should see prices of base gold items drop further, meaning this is a great time to assemble an elite squad on the cheap. Take a look at GR’s FIFA 20 ratings guide to get started - it covers the top 100 players available in Ultimate Team, going by their default rating. 

FIFA Summer Heat: Are there new SBCs?

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Yep. Many proclaim Squad Building Challenges to be even more enjoyable than actual on-pitch gameplay, and they can now be used to score Summer Heat Fan Favourite items. These are cards which could only be unlocked via now-deleted SBCs, and have been brought back with even greater stats. The first one is Spurs midfielder Tanguy Ndombele, whose old Ones To Watch card is boosted to a 93-rated gem only available via SBC. It’s available until Tuesday 23 June. 

FIFA 20 Summer Heat: What can I unlock with player objectives?

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Similar to the new SBCs, in-game objectives can now be used to score superior versions of cards which had been put to bed a while back. The first of these belongs to Real Madrid’s French left-back Ferland Mendy. You initially unlock his 85-rated Futmas card by completing a single objective: winning five matches in Rivals. You can then upgrade him gradually to 87, 89, and finally 93 by ticking off further sets of in-game tasks. The toughest of which is the final one: getting assists with 89-rated Mendy in ten separate Division Rivals wins. Hardcore. 

FIFA 20 Summer Heat: What else is new?

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EA is introducing ‘Summer Showdown Special Items’ focussed on one titanic clash each week. Here’s the official explanation: “Each week we'll highlight one real-world football match by releasing a special FUT Summer Heat player item via Squad Building Challenges for one player on each team from the highlighted matchup. The special Summer Showdown item from the winning side will receive a permanent +3 OVR stats boost. In the event of a draw, both items will receive a +1 OVR boost.”

FIFA 20 Summer Heat: how have weekend league rewards changed?

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TOTW and TOTSSF cards are no longer the default rewards for your ‘red picks’. Instead, you’ll receive cards from a mix of previous FIFA 20 campaigns, as outlined below:

  • Top 100: The TOTSSF 11 Players Pack is replaced with a 'Best of' 11 Players Pack containing 11 special items rated 90 or higher.
  • Elite 3 - Elite 1: The TOTSSF 3-Player Pack is replaced with a 'Best Of' 3 Players Pack containing 3 special items rated 90 or higher.
  • Gold 2+: Any Player Pick packs earned will have a minimum of 1 special item from the re-released items rated 90 or higher.
  • Silver 1+: Any player items earned from Player Pick packs will be from the above list of re-released items and be rated 83 or higher.
  • Silver 2 and 3: Any player items earned from Player Pick packs will be from the above list of re-releases, with a maximum rating of 88.

FIFA 20 Summer Heat: do I get any free stuff?

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Yes! Assuming you’ve played at least some FIFA in recent weeks, you’ll be greeted with a free pack – AKA the FIFA 20 Summer Heat engagement reward – next time you log in. 

Here’s the message I got: “Please enjoy a Rare Mega Pack, the Tier 3 reward for logging in to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team between 148 - 234 days since the start of FIFA 20."

"The reward you’ve been given is based on the number of days you have logged in to FIFA Ultimate Team since launch."

Two more sets of rewards will follow on June 28 and July 12, depending on how often you log into Ultimate Team between now and then. 

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