FIFA 19 kits: the most stylish home and away combos for your Ultimate Team

It's one thing if you can play the game well, but the accomplishment is tarnished if you don't look good while doing it. Thankfully, our guide to the best and most stylish FIFA 19 kits will help. FIFA 19 is a game about fashion as much as football... okay, maybe it's not that important, but you still want your players to look trendy. Take a look through our top FIFA 19 kits to discover our favourites.

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The trouble is that, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, the ideal kit can be hard to find, and you can spend hours aimlessly scrolling through the transfer market. But don’t worry: we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the 16 best FIFA 19 kits in Ultimate Team. These are the threads that will make your opponents jealous, and what they cost.

Lazio (home)

League: Serie A (Italy)
Cost: 200 coins
Whoever decided to enlarge Lazio’s famous eagle and blast it across the centre of this kit was a genius. We like how the white block on the upper chest bleeds just below the eagle design, and that the wings spread onto your sleeves, which makes it stand out even more. Keeping the rest of the kit plain, right down to the boot line, means it doesn’t feel too busy either. It’s the best FIFA 19 kit your flying wingers deserve.

RB Salzburg (home)

League: Ö Bundesliga (Austria)
Cost: 200 coins
Sponsor logos are usually an inconvenience, but the two red bulls are the stars of this strip. The combination of stripes and zig-zags behind creates an almost blurry background, further pulling your eyes into the middle of the kit, and the whole thing is framed by a clean red border on the arms and shorts. If you want the bulls on a less crowded design, check out the strips of Germany’s RB Leipzig. 

Moreirense FC (home)

League: Liga NOS (Portugal)
Cost: 1,000 to 1,500 coins
Yes, it looks a bit like a badly-tiled bathroom, but the seemingly random green and white pattern on this kit is oddly mesmerising, and the gold trim gives it a classy feel. Just make sure you scroll through every page when you search for it on the transfer market: you’ll see lots of listings for around 5,000 coins, but there will be others for much less.

Poland (home)

League: International
Cost: 200 coins
Sometimes you want to keep it simple - but not so simple that you’re basically running out in a plain white tee. This kit’s horizontal dividing stripe, the light shade of grey and the touches of red around the neck make it ideal if you’re craving something neutral, but not boring, and the subtle horizontal stripes give it plenty of texture. The airy colours lend the red Polish crest some real pop. 

Paris St Germain (alternate)

League: Ligue 1 (France)
Cost: 700 to 1000 coins
One of the most popular kits in FIFA Ultimate Team, and with good reason. The stripe down the middle elevates it above a plain black or white strip, and the simple curves of the Emirates logo blend in with the sleek design. But all you probably care about is that famous Air Jordan logo: one on your chest, and one on each sock. As an alternative, check out New Zealand’s home strip. It’s mostly plain back, but it has some snazzy patterns on the arms that make it memorable.

Sampdoria (home)

League: Serie A (Italy)
Cost: 200 coins
A no-nonsense kit with bold colours and sharp angles. If you wear this, you mean business. We’re fans of the unusual badge placement: the Joma logo is right up on the collar bone, creating space for the Sampdoria crest to sit bang in the middle of your shirt, which makes it far more symmetrical than most kits. Plus, we like how the stripes on the top are mirrored on the bottom of the shorts.

Galatasaray (alternate)

League: Süper Lig (Turkey)
Cost: 200 coins
Screw symmetry: we want a twisting, gnarled streak of lightning down our top. This kit is a modern twist on Galatasaray’s famous orange colours, and that lightning bolt is utterly unique. The Turkey badge at the centre of the chest hints at which club it’s from, but you should still expect plenty of online strangers to ask where you found it.

Inter Milan (alternate)

League: Serie A (Italy)
Cost: 200 coins
The sexiest kit in FIFA 19. It’s simply a work of art, the rich layers of silver and grey blending into a pattern that will put your opponent in a trance. Without the dark strip down the middle it might look too abstract, but that block of colour creates a definite structure. The gold socks round off an indulgent look. Bellissimo.

Shimizu S-Pulse (home)

League: Meiji Yasuda J1 (Japan)
Cost: 200 points
The Japanese league is full of bold shirts, but this one shines brightest. The pattern on the front looks like flames, but it’s actually a stretched map of Asia, and on the lower back you’ll find a print of Mount Fuji. The team’s away strip is the same pattern in grey if you want something less garish, but we like how much of a statement you make when you step out wearing two shades of orange.

Al-Taawoun FC (away)

League: Saudi Professional League (Saudi Arabia)
Cost: 200 coins
Machine and nature collide: the neat paneling effect evokes metal and robots, which is a perfect contrast to the wolf howling on your player’s stomach. We love the use of a lighter colour to highlight the wolf’s head, and the small strips of gold make it gorgeous from every angle. Plus, it’s purple, which means you won’t clash with any other squads.

Atlético Huila (home)

League: Liga Dimayor (Colombia)
Cost: 200 coins
It’s like someone raided a paint shop and went to town on a white shirt, then drew some squiggles, and added as many logos as they could – yet somehow, it all comes together. The away option keeps a white background for a more understated look but, honestly, you might as well go all out. 

Crystal Palace (away)

League: Premier League (England)
Cost: 200 coins
Those two stripes make this kit: all your opponents will see as you streak past is a flash of red and blue. It’s our favourite Premier League kit by far – we’re fans of Palace’s home strip, but this one is a cleaner look. That ManBetX logo is one of the coolest around, and we like that it contains more than one language.

Napoli (alternate)

League: Serie A (Italy)
Cost: 200 coins
Any of Napoli’s three kits could’ve made this list, but the grey alternate version is our favourite. The mottled pattern on the shirt is actually a panther with gnashing teeth – it’s impossible to unsee – and we love the texture that the slight variations in colour creates. Plus, we’re soft on Kappa’s logo, and these kits have it all the way down the side, from armpit to knee.

SPAL (home)

League: Serie A (Italy)
Cost: 500 coins
Old-school cool. Those clean, uninterrupted stripes would’ve fit right in during SPAL’s glory days in the ‘50s, while the Tassigroup logo, complete with the streaks on the left, gives it a modern twist. We’re always a fan of plain white shorts, too, and we haven’t seen many people wear it online, so you’ll stand out.

Dalkurd FF (away)

League: Allsvenskan (Sweden)
Cost: 200 coins
Not only is the bright ‘Min Stora Dag’ logo our favourite in FIFA 19, but it’s advertising a good cause. It translates to My Special Day, which is the name of a group organising events for critically ill children across Sweden. The plain black is the perfect background to show it off - and the other logos are small enough to avoid cluttering it up.

Górnik Zabrze (home)

League: Ekstraklasa (Poland)
Cost: 200 coins
Basically, you’re wearing a gingham picnic blanket – but there’s something joyous in looking this pleasant while you bang five past an online opponent. Besides, as long as Croatia aren’t in FIFA 19, this is the closest you’ll get to that glorious red and white checkerboard everyone drooled over during last year’s World Cup. 

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