Supacell season 2: Will the hit Netflix superhero show return for more episodes?

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Supacell season 2 is currently all sci-fi fans are asking for online, as the bold new superhero show tops Netflix's streaming charts, also earning a glowing perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

But that's not really a surprise given how the Supacell ending and post-credits scene teases an exciting future for the series, with events set up neatly for a second season. But is Supacell season 2 happening?

Writer/director Rapman, who you may know from 2019's musical crime drama Blue Story (the highest grossing British urban film of all-time), certainly has big plans for his series that follows a group of seemingly unconnected Black people from South London as they develop superpowers overnight. And so, here's what we know so far about whether there will be a Supacell season 2.

Will there be a Supacell season 2?


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Netflix currently hasn't renewed the show meaning, right now, Supacell season 2 isn't happening, but that doesn't completely rule the idea out. The streaming service usually waits to see what the viewing figures and audience reaction is like before commissioning shows for another season, meaning a renewal could be on the horizon - especially given that so far it's gone down a storm.

It might not be best to get your hopes up yet though given their track record for canceling popular shows (such as fantasy drama Lockwood & Co. last year). Only time will tell...

Showrunner Rapman though is definitely hoping for good news telling Radio Times that there are already ideas in the pipeline for more: "For the beginning of the show, I always tell everyone that season 1 of Supacell to me is like Batman Begins. It's just beginning. You've got to see where it goes next to see who these people really are."

Keep those eyes peeled then.

What could the plot of Supacell season 2 be about?


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Warning - spoilers for the first season of Supacell follow...

Well, Supacell season 2 could have plenty in store for fans after that cliffhanger finale which teased a few storylines.

Firstly, now that the group have started getting used to their superpowers it will be interesting to see what they do with them. But more crucially it looks like Michael is going to break bad as he promises his team that he is going to get revenge on those that wronged them. It's clear that the death of his fiance Dionne has had a huge impact on him, especially since the first season saw him desperately trying to prevent her future death - could Michael therefore take a villainous turn next season?

Talking of the bad guys, Victoria is now in charge of the shadowy group The Organization going forward and judging by Ray's face (who was previously overseeing things) that ain't good news at all. It will be interesting to see what they do going forward now that she's the boss.

Which actors could return for a potential Supacell season 2?


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If Supacell season 2 does happen, you can expect the welcome return of many familiar faces from the first chapter of the super-powered show. 

Given that it currently hasn't been renewed, the below cast list isn't set in stone, but it's who we could expect to return based on what that jaw-dropping ending set up - with many characters' storylines left open-ended.

When could the potential Supacell season 2 release date be?


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Since Supacell season 2 has yet to be given the green light from Netflix, there is currently no word on when a possible follow-up could arrive on the small screen.

However, you can look at the production of season 1 for an idea of what the timeline could look like. Sadly though it's not great news for fans who are wanting to see more of the show asap as the first season was shot during the last months of 2022 - so almost two whole years ago! It took a long time to reach Netflix then.

But crucially cameras only rolled for seven months meaning that if the streaming service wanted a quicker turnaround for a second season, it's probably possible.

Supacell is available to stream now on Netflix. For more, here's our writer on how the show brings Black British culture to the global stage.

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