Netflix's Supacell ending explained and post-credits scene breakdown: how does it set up a potential season 2?

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Supacell is now out on Netflix, a brand new superhero TV show from writer/director Rapman who you may know from 2019's musical crime drama Blue Story (the highest grossing British urban film of all-time). For the streaming service, he has created a bold new series which follows a group of seemingly unconnected Black people from South London as they develop superpowers overnight.

Nurse Sabrina (Nadine Mills) suddenly discovers she has the power of telekinesis, young gang member Tazer (Josh Tedeku) is now able to turn invisible, drug dealer Rodney (Calvin Demba) essentially becomes The Flash with his power of super-speed, struggling single dad Andre (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) is given super-strength, and our lead character Michael (Tosin Cole) – a delivery driver dreaming of his future with fiancé Dionne (Adelayo Adedayo) – has the ability to teleport through time and space. 

There are many twists and turns throughout the action-packed show, with everything coming to a head in the thrilling finale (episode 6 titled 'Supacell'). The final scenes in particular are absolutely jaw-dropping, setting events up neatly for a potential season 2. 

Below we've broken all of that down, from the Supacell ending explained, a breakdown of the Supacell post-credits scene, and a look at whether we will indeed be getting a Supacell season 2.

Warning - the following dives into major spoiler territory, especially for episode 6 which is the season finale, so make sure you are all caught up before reading on.

Supacell ending explained


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The Supacell ending is certainly devastating as it wraps up several storylines. As you may recall, Michael has been desperately trying to save his fiancé Dionne's life having traveled to the future where he learned that she dies on July 9. We have also been wondering who the hooded characters are, a group who have been attacking our heroes throughout the season jumping out of wormholes. And then of course there are questions surrounding the military-like organization who have been keeping Black super-powered people prisoners. What is their goal and why are they doing this? All is revealed in the final scenes.

We join Sabrina, Tazer, Rodney, Michael, and Dionne as they travel to the Ashington Estate, a seemingly derelict area overrun by gangs. Underneath that though is the base of the dangerous military-like group we have been encountering throughout the season so far, who we learn are called The Organization and is run by Eddie Marsan's villainous Ray. 

They have been tracking down anyone they suspect has something known as Supacell, which is a mutation of the sickle cell gene that has been giving people their powers. We are told that these superpowers are unlocked when those with the Supacell are thrust into dangerous situations or come into close contact with others who have already unleashed their abilities. This explains why our leading group saw their powers come into force overnight.

As all this is uncovered we also learn that the Black woman who was brutally killed at the headquarters at the very start of the season was actually Tazer's mother – he previously believed that she had simply left him. Meanwhile, the missing girl Jasmine whose case Dionne has been investigating has been trapped here the whole time with The Organization using her healing powers to cure their wounded soldiers.

Also in captivity, there is André, the fifth person on Michael's list of the people who need to help save Dionne from her fate. Desperate for cash so he can see his son, André takes up Ray's job offer of joining the hooded group, who are revealed to be working for The Organization to bring in any suspects – which includes Michael's loosely assembled team.

This brings us to the final battle – as Michael's group takes on The Organization's hoods on the Ashington Estate. Upping the stakes is also the fact both Tazer and Sabrina want to find gang leader Krazy, who has been threatening people they love (Tazer's grandmother and Sabrina's sister). 

As they confront Krazy it's revealed that he is the leader of The Organization's hooded group – and not only that but his superpower is the ability to absorb the powers of others, then use those himself. Meanwhile, the other hooded figures who have been attempting to bring Michael's team in are revealed to be other superpowered beings also working for the menacing Organization. Which yes, also includes André.

However, he defects to Michael's group after witnessing the corruption at play, now also taking on the hooded figures who all die except Krazy. Telling our heroes that he's happy to surrender, Rodney approaches him. It turns out though Krazy has the upper hand, touching Rodney to take on his power of super-speed then attacking our team, leaving them for dead. 

Michael though uses the last of his energy to turn back time to the moment Krazy says he's surrendering. Now knowing what is going to happen, he instead repeatedly stabs Krazy who he leaves wounded on the floor seemingly dead. That comes at a cost though as Krazy manages to shoot his gun once more at the group – and whilst it misses the team, the bullet hits Dionne fulfilling her fate. A devastated Michael screams, realizing his energy supply is low so he can't use his time-traveling powers to prevent this. He then disappears into the night.

The next scene picks up a few weeks later when the group meets at the request of Michael. We learn that Sabrina's sister Sharleen is still missing, Tazer is desperate to know who exactly killed his mother, and André reveals that his beloved son AJ is being groomed to become a gang member. 

Reassuring the group Michael says that he's going to travel into the future to get them the answers that they want. However, he also wants revenge wanting to hurt the people who caused them pain. Maybe Michael then isn't going to be the good guy we thought he was going forward.

Supacell post-credits scene breakdown


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There is indeed a Supacell post-credits scene that plays after the end title card before the concluding credits. It transports us back to the headquarters of the shadowy The Organization where one of the group's leaders Ray (Marsan) is seen walking past a group of Black super-powered prisoners, including Sabrina's sister Sharleen (Rayxia Ojo) who is now in their captivity. We glimpse her crying in her cell.

Ray walks into a room to greet Krazy, who is in recovery following the brutal battle we saw earlier in the episode. He tells Marsan's villain: "That was close Ray, I thought I was a goner." And it turns out he was with Ray revealing that Krazy had maybe "one breath left" when they found him. 

After thanking them for saving his life, Krazy asks, "What's the boss saying" to which Ray replies, "You can ask her yourself". In walks Victoria (Siân Brooke) who is revealed to be the head of this dangerous group. That doesn't bode well given that earlier on in the show we saw her treating sickle cell patients at a clinic. Given that Brooke brilliantly portrayed twisted sister Eurus Holmes in the hit BBC drama Sherlock, we probably should have seen her villainous arc here coming.

Recognizing that Krazy is a liability, she reminds him just what she has done for him: "You remember that I took you out of prison. You remember that I allowed you to sell your drugs. I saved your life on multiple occasions." Sensing her tone Krazy asks for "one more chance" before begging for his life, but unfortunately for him, he is shot dead according to Victoria's orders.

A timid Ray then joins Victoria in the lift, where she reminds him, "You know he's not the only one who's failed me". Of course, he's fully aware she's talking about him. Victoria then concludes after letting Ray run things, it's time that they do it her way, which doesn't bode well at all for Michael in particular whose profile is on her iPad as she emphasizes this. The final shot of Ray's scared face really does say it all as the vicious Victoria takes the reins.

Will there be a Supacell season 2?


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It seems like Supacell is only just getting started then, with various cliffhangers and teasers setting events up nicely for a potential season 2. But will there be a season 2?

Netflix currently hasn't given a second season the green light, and given their track record for canceling shows (such as fantasy drama Lockwood & Co. last year) it's highly likely that Supacell will have to receive great viewing numbers to be considered for one.

That won't stop creator Rapman from dreaming about the future though, telling Radio Times that there are already ideas in the pipeline for more: "For the beginning of the show, I always tell everyone that season 1 of Supacell to me is like Batman Begins. It's just beginning. You've got to see where it goes next to see who these people really are."

Keep your eyes peeled then for possible renewal news on the horizon.

Supacell is available to stream now on Netflix.

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