Division 2 Gunner specialization: All you need to know about the Gunner skill tree

The Division 2 Gunner

The Division 2 Gunner specialization is the first to be added to The Division 2 post-launch, which means there's a total of four Division 2 specializations available now. The Division 2 Gunner skill tree requires you to complete some Field Research if you don't have the Year One pass though, so if you're wondering how to complete that, it's all covered in our Division 2 shock Roach guide. Here's everything you need to know about the Division 2 Gunner specialization.

Division 2 Gunner skill tree

The Division 2 Gunner skill tree

The Gunner specialization is essentially a huge minigun that you need to constantly fire to deal insane damage. The more enemies you kill without releasing the trigger grants extra ammo for both you and your teammates, while the Supply Line talent recovers 10% of total ammo capacity every 60 seconds for yourself, and 5% for your teammates.

You're also provided with the Riot Foam Grenade, so while you can't fire riot foam constantly like those infuriating AI enemies, you can capture enemies in the foam and ensnare them. The Banshee is a new pulse skill too, which confuses all enemies caught in the blast. This can be upgraded to increase the range and duration, while you can also upgrade Supply Line to earn unlock general buffs like increased rate of fire and weapon handling.

If you have the Year One Pass, completing the aforementioned Field Research will reward you with cosmetics like emotes and weapon skins, so they're definitely worth completing. Good luck!

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