Where to find faction chests in Destiny 2 for the Trust Goes Both Ways quest

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
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Destiny 2 faction chests are needed for the final step of the Trust Goes Both Ways quest tied to Savathun's Throne World, and they're hiding right under your nose. 

What are faction chests and where do you find them for Trust Goes Both Ways?

Destiny 2 destinations generally have two types of chests: one-time, golden region chests (which are needed for step one of Trust Goes Both Ways), and respawning faction chests found randomly around the world. You can locate faction chests using the Ghost mods which highlight nearby chests. 

The third step of Trust Goes Both Ways asks you to loot four faction chests and complete two patrol missions in the Miasma section of the Throne World, which is the northwest area of the map. If you equip your Ghost with a cache detector or combo detector mod, you're sure to find plenty of chests while you complete the patrol missions. Cruising around on your sparrow with your Director open is a sure-fire way to find some. 

Where to find region chests for Trust Goes Both Ways?

The term faction chests has understandably confused some players trying to complete this quest, but thankfully they're easy to find once you know what to look for. Conversely, the region chests needed to initially progress Trust Goes Both Ways are straight-up marked on the map with plus sign-like symbols, but they're also more hidden in the environment. 

You can find three region chests right near the landing zone for the Throne World. Here's where to look: 

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