Deadpool running time and UK rating confirmed

We know Deadpool has an R-rating in the US, and today the Merc with A Mouth's solo outing has finally been granted a UK rating. In case that R didn't tip you off, the movie won't be your typical comic book outing. Its rather adult themes are the reason it earned that rating, and that's why the BBFC gives it a 15 certificate citing "strong bloody violence, strong language, sex references." If you've witnessed the film's unique marketing efforts then that 15 was to be expected.

The BBFC also confirms Deadpool's running time, an uncut 108 minutes. At a recent London screening, T.J. Miller who plays Weasel confirmed that a longer director's cut is on the cards and promises it will be "even more raw." What director Tim Miller left on the cutting room floor, and what will make the leap to home video, is likely to include an extended take of the bar scene featuring Deadpool and Weasel indulging in some choice banter. Miller himself says the vulgarity of that improvisational moment went "too far" - just the sort of thing we'd expect from the masked chatterbox.

Directed by Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Ed Skrein, T.J. Miller and Gina Carano, Deadpool will open in UK cinemas on February 10, 2016 before arriving in US theatres on February 12, 2016. Check out the latest trailer below...

Images: 20th Century Fox

Gem Seddon

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