David Fincher hunts The Killer

You might think that after the excellent – but commercially quiet – Zodiac, David Fincher would switch gears for his next film (after Benjamin Button, at least) and focus on gumdrop forests, puppy dog smiles and kittens with mittens.

But nope, he’s heading back into a more deadly milieu, as Paramount has nabbed the rights to graphic novel The Killer with a plan to develop it for Fincher to direct.

Allesandro Camon has been hired to pen the adaptation of the tale, which sees a top assassin suddenly grow a conscience while an equally skilled cop hunts him down. It was originally penned by Alexis Nolent (using the name Matz), and published in France in 1988.

But given that the writers’ strike is grinding into gear, don’t expect it to be ready to shoot any time soon…