Cyberpunk 2077 new game director will focus on future expansions

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Cyberpunk 2077 now has a new game director who will lead the development of future expansions for the game.

CD Projekt Red has announced (via that Cyberpunk 2077's new game director is Gabriel Amatangelo going forward. Amatangelo has been the creative director behind the game since January 2020. Previous credits, Amatangelo worked on Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC as a design director and has worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic expansions as a lead designer.

Amatangelo will now lead the development of future Cyberpunk 2077 expansions, which we've previously been told will be Witcher 3-like expansions in the future. So expect significant new story quests and substantial updates to the game from them. Additionally, CD Projekt Red should be releasing a free DLC in early 2021.

There have been some notable changes at CD Projekt Red recently, with former quest director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz announcing he was stepping down and departing the studio earlier today, 28 May. Andrzej Zawadzki was another departure from the company earlier this year who was the lead designer for Cyberpunk 2077.

Meanwhile, former game director, Adam Badowski will be focusing on other leadership duties within the company, one of which is Red 2.0 that should see the studio developing multiple AAA titles.

Cyberpunk 2077 launched last year, although it's had a shaky release with game-breaking bugs and complaints about performance issues. Sony eventually pulled the game from its digital store and has still not made its return. CD Projekt Red has said that its return to the store is Sony's decision, but so far, they're still in the dark over when the game will be back on PS4 and PS5

Despite a rough launch, the game still turned a profit a day after launching and has now beaten CD Projekt's records from The Witcher 3. With this new announcement that Gabriel Amatangelo will be the game's new director, here's hoping the coming months see Cyberpunk 2077 get back onto the right path and start to fulfill it's potential. 

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