Here's how to fix the game-breaking Cyberpunk 2077 progression bug

Cyberpunk 2077 Takemura
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Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has issued advice on how to deal with a game-breaking bug that has surfaced since the release of the game's latest update.

In a post on its support website (opens in new tab), the developer said that "we are currently looking into the issue where the conversation with Takemura may not start during the quest 'Down on the Street'." Unfortunately, the solution is more of a workaround than an actual fix, as it requires an earlier gamesave.

To get around the game-breaking progression bug, you'll need to load a save from before Takemura and V leave Wakako's office, and then finish the conversation with Takemura right away, directly outside the office. As soon as the conversation is over and the quest updates, skip ahead 23 hours. After that, the developer says you should "see if the holocall triggers and the dialogue with Takemura starts," meaning that you might need to make a few attempts for this approach to work.

CD Projekt Red detailed the first of its major updates in the Cyberpunk 2077 patch notes last week. One of the issues this patch tackled was a bug at this point in the game where Takemura wouldn't ring the player to progress the quest. After the patch, the call would connect, but Takemura wouldn't speak, and would be left hovering at the side of the screen, preventing players from speaking to any other NPCs, and therefore from doing anything else in the game.

The developer's post is one way around the issue, but CD Projekt Red has recently posted a tweet (opens in new tab) in which it says it is "working on the issue [...] and plan to release a hotfix to address it as soon as possible."

For a rundown on some of the other problems that are afflicting the game, here's a list of Cyberpunk 2077 bugs.

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