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Cutscenes for cash? Activision mulls over the sale of in-game movies

Bobby Kotick says a lot of things. But then, people also saya lot of things about Bobby Kotick. Now, Activision's leading man is waxing poetic about the idea of selling in-game cutscenes as entirely separate movies altogether.

Speaking from this week's Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications %26amp; Entertainment Conference in California, Kotick noted: "[what would happen] If we were to take that hour, or hour and a half, and take it out of the game and we were to go to our audiences, who we have their credit card information and a direct relationship, and say to them 'Would you like to have the StarCraft movie?%26rdquo;

Above: Sure it's pretty, but what's the price?

Answering his own hypothetical question, Kotick later said that the likelihood of Blizzard proceeding with such a model in the next five years was relatively high and that he could foresee charging up to $30 for the final product.

Considering the current quality of video game CGI, Kotick's isn't entirely absurd (a little, but not entirely). Still, paying $30 for the privilege of watching an hour of disjointed, out-of-context cut scenes? We'll just play the game, thanks.


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