Choke sells at Sundance

This year’s Sundance film festival has been something of a washout, at least as far as sales are concerned. Few of the big buzz titles have managed to drum up a lot of interest, but finally distributors have bought a few films.

Fox Searchlight has snapped up Choke – adapted from Chuck Palahniuk’s book by writer/director Clark Gregg, and starring Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Houston – for a cool $5 million. Meanwhile, Henry Poole Is Here, starring Luke Wilson, went to Overture Films for $3.5 million.

But the biggest deal this year so far has been Hamlet 2, which finds Steve Coogan as an OTT drama teacher who pens a sequel to the bard’s biggest play, and has been bought by notable wallet-crackers Fox Searchlight, which has slapped down a reported $10 million. Variety has been watching the deals .