Call of Duty: Warzone player uses a helicopter to say "get in the sea" to a loadout drop

Call of Duty: Warzone
(Image credit: Reddit user 2-dudes-ina-big-suit)

A cunning Call of Duty Warzone player has discovered a clutch new way to meddle with your opponents: shunt their loadout drop right into the ocean. 

knew_i_had_to_make_an_impact_when_i_came_back_so from r/CODWarzone

Reddit user 2-dudes-ina-big-suit posted the video, attesting that they knew they "had to make an impact" when they redeployed onto a roof next to a helicopter. Spotting the distinctive red smoke of a loadout drop almost as soon as they lifted off the building, they immediately swept their chopper directly overhead, using their rotors to set the falling supply drop just like a volleyball player. From there they carefully carried it across the coast (still on their rotors) and airdropped the enemy's loadout straight into Davy Jones' locker.

Imagine you were the other squad waiting for your loadout and you see this happen. Would you even be mad about it? Or would you just head for the nearest chopper and try to spread the joy the next time you saw another squad pop smoke near the beach?

You can see how badly the loadout damages the helicopter by the plumes of black smoke emerging from its belly at the end of the video. It's enough of a gamble that we probably don't have to worry about Warzone being dominated by the "chopper block" meta a month from now.

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