Call of Duty: Warzone player finds unreleased Sykov pistol in a game of Plunder

Warzone Trick or Treat
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The Sykov, an unreleased gun from Modern Warfare has been found in Call of Duty: Warzone during a match of Plunder.

This fully-automatic pistol isn't technically available in all of Warzone at the moment, but that hasn't stopped someone on Reddit finding a way around such a minor barrier. There is speculation that the gun is going to be fully implemented into the game in March for the Battle Royale's first birthday.

Redditor u/RestlessGoats said that they found a way to use the "new unreleased Sykov blueprint using weapon drops in Plunder", going on to demonstrate this weapon. But now we've seen the gun in action, we're adequately terrified of this little unit making its way to Warzone.

In a short video clip they titled "I was able to get access to the new unreleased Sykov blueprint using weapon drops in Plunder", RestlessGoats gave a brief demonstration of the gun. Get ready for a new meta. 

Check it out in the video below:

I was able to get access to the new unreleased Sykov blueprint using weapon drops in Plunder from r/CODWarzone

While we don't get to see it used on another player, we do get a good look at how fast it can fire and, spoiler alert, the answer is "fast", but only if you have an auto-barrel attachment for it.

In the comments of the post, people are discussing how much the Sykov is probably going to end players going up against it.

The top post mentions that you'll be able to dual wield two of these pistols with full-auto barrels and give them an 80-round drum to fill up that magazine. If you're keeping count, that's a lot of bullets flying towards you.

The gun itself was going to be used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare but never made the cut. It looks like that it's going to now find a new life tearing people apart in Warzone.

One user on Reddit has put the discovery of this pistol into words wonderfully well: "This thing is gonna p*** people off, lmao".

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