Call of Duty Warzone gets a Halo Assault Rifle in this clever video

Call of Duty Warzone Halo Assault Rifle video
(Image credit: acoolrocket)

Ever wish you could drop into Call of Duty: Warzone with your faithful firearm from Halo?

Barring any unexpected DLC crossovers or risky mods, this intricate CGI recreation of what the Halo Assault Rifle would look like in Warzone is your best bet. It was created by Reddit user acoolrocket as a composite of actual Warzone gameplay with an external render of the beloved UNSC assault rifle. You'd think it was actually in the game from looking at it, since each animation is intricately created, including charging the weapon, idly sighting down the rifle, reloading, and - of course - firing off a few rounds.

The Halo Assault Rifle in Warzone using CGI from r/CODWarzone

The second half of the video puts the wireframe for the new composite model next to the original footage, letting you see how the two compare. It's an impressive accomplishment, and somehow makes the wait for Halo: Infinite even harder than it was before, whether or not the next Halo features its own battle royale equivalent.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in cool new ways to see the actual game in action, you should check out the Call of Duty Warzone third-person spectator mode the team at Raven Software just added to the game.

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