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Call of Duty Warzone adds third-person spectator mode

Call of Duty Warzone
(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty Warzone has added a third-person spectator mode, but fortunately Raven Software has headed off the obvious fair-play issues.

Some eagle-eyed Warzone players on Reddit have noticed that you can now spectate people in third-person after you’ve been eliminated in a Warzone match. This offers a much wider perspective on the action, so you can follow the trials and tribulations of whichever player managed to take you out. 

You can now spectate someone in third-person view. from r/CODWarzone

You’re also free to rotate the camera, so you’re not locked into the same camera perspective as the player you’re spectating, meaning you can see their demise coming long before they do. If you enjoy watching the player that took you down get their comeuppance, you’re in for a treat.

The immediate reaction of the Warzone community was that this could be extremely powerful, and potentially unfair if you could spectate your teammates in third-person to give them extra information about flanking enemies, but luckily Raven Software saw this issue coming. You can’t spectate your teammates in third person, only enemies.

Since there has been no official announcement from Raven Software about this feature, there has been some speculation that it is simply a bug which allows you to jump to third-person. This would be a strange bug, given that it’s bound to a specific key and can only be used when spectating enemies. There have previously been third-person spectate bugs, but they didn’t have these restrictions, so it does seem as though this is a feature, not a bug.

It’s been a big week for Warzone news so far, and we’re only a few days in. there's already been a huge update to Season 2, which you can see details of in our Warzone patch notes roundup. Users have also spotted the telltale signs of the heavily rumored Warzone nuke event, as missiles have been spotted flying over Verdansk prematurely.

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