The best Nintendo Switch bundle deals (September 2018)

Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch bundle deals

The best Nintendo Switch deals provide the smartest, most value-packed way to pick up Nintendo's console. And you'd be wise to consider doing so. Nintendo hasn't struck gold with a home console like this for generations. The hardware is fantastic, versatile, powerful, and a tactile joy to use, and ye gods has the first and third-party games line-up ever blown up to create a downright delightful ecosystem of eclectic fun. But as ever with with games hardware, every retailer in the world is offering a deluge of Nintendo Switch deals of wildly varying degrees of quality. That's why we're forever sorting through them all and picking out the best combinations of console and games at any given time, wherever you are in the world. 

And once you've picked up a new console, you'll need to grab some essential Nintendo Switch accessories to go with it - stuff like a case is a very good idea, and picking up one of the best and cheapest Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch will give you so much install space you need never worry about physical cartridges again. If you find a bundle with them included... all the better. 

The US bundle deals are up top, but you can skip straight to the UK bundle deals here. After that there's also console only deals, and the best offers on controllers and other accessories.

Best US Nintendo Switch bundle deals

Grey Nintendo Switch with Robot Labo kit and Labo customisation set for $399.99 from Newegg Save $30, hit the ground running, and let your imagination run wild with Nintendo Labo set, then personalise it however you like. Because blank cardboard is for losers. View Deal

Neon Nintendo Switch with Variety Labo kit and Labo customisation set for $399.99 from NewEgg A fishing rod, a piano, a house, a motorbike and two RC cars: all of that joy comes in the Variety Labo kit, plus you can customise it with stickers. All for $30 less than normal. Win!View Deal

Nintendo Switch with 64GB SD card, 1-2 Switch, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Super Bomberman R for $663.99 from Amazon Save about $30 on this Nintendo Switch bundle which gets you 4 decent games and an SD card to download all those digital-only games onto.View Deal

Nintendo Switch with case and viewing stand for $313.16 from Amazon You only save about $10 with this bundle, but if you’re looking to play on the go the kickstand is perfect for playing your Switch at a moderate distance. View Deal

Best UK Nintendo Switch bundle deals

Nintendo Switch with FIFA 18 for £299.99 from Very Any football fanatics will adore this bundle, which gets you the latest FIFA for only £20. Bargain. View Deal

Neon Nintendo Switch and Cars 3 for £279.99 from Argos You basically get Cars 3 for free with this awesome bundle, perfect for anyone who’s looking for a kid’s birthday present. View Deal

Neon Nintendo Switch with Labo Variety Kit for £324.98 from Argos This bundle gets you £15 off the Labo kit, which has enough gadgets to keep you busy for hours. View Deal

Neon Nintendo Switch with Binding of Isaac, Joy-Con grips, and carry case for £309.99 from Zavvi Save yourself £39 with this bundle which not only gets you the addictive Binding of Isaac, but also a case to protect your Switch from scratches and whatnot. View Deal

Neon Nintendo Switch with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for £315.85 Take on tactical battles between Mario and those pesky Rabbids and save the Mushroom Kingdom with this great value bundle.View Deal

Best Nintendo Switch console-only deals

Maybe you don't want a Nintendo Switch bundle? Maybe you just want the console on its own, with a view to buying the games YOU want? Well, here are the best deals on just the Nintendo Switch console itself. Keep in mind that Switch games are pretty expensive, though, so a bundle is probably the cheapest option if you can find the right games with it.

Best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals

The Joy-Cons are great and all, but they're a bit small and clicky for some of the more hardcore games. For stuff like Bayonetta 2 - that requires nifty button-work - you'll need a Pro Controller. They're quite pricey, but we've got the best deals below.

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