The best Nintendo Switch bundles in 2019

best Nintendo Switch bundle

A new year is the perfect opportunity for fresh starts. There’s every excuse to get involved with the Switch in 2019, so we’ve found the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals to help you save cash. As an example, you can get the console and an SD card for $316 from Amazon. If you’re in the UK, Currys/PC World are selling a Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for just £299.

Today's Best Deal

Nintendo Switch (Gray) + 64GB MicroSD is $316.99 on Amazon
If you're going to grab a Switch, it's a good idea to get one with a memory card.

Because the system tends to hold its value, the best Nintendo Switch bundles generally come in at around or below $350/£300. Don’t get hung up on including games, either; although they aren’t as fancy, deals with cases or SD cards can be incredibly helpful in the long run. Just be careful - many bundles charge more than you’d pay for each component separately. $500 for a Switch and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? No thanks.

For more bargains, be sure to visit our cheap Nintendo game deals hub. If you need add-ons, on the other hand, drop by our Nintendo Switch accessories page.

US bundles

Nintendo Switch (Gray) + 64GB MicroSD is $316.99 on Amazon
If you're going to grab a Switch anyway, you might as well get one with a 64GB MicroSD card to store all those games on.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Red) + Mario Tennis Aces + Rackets (x2) + Wheels (x2) for $359.96 at Walmart
We aren't sure why there are wheel accessories in a bundle without Mario Kart, but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Red) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 128GB SD card + carry case + x2 wheel peripherals is $499.99 on Amazon (save 22%)
This is the perfect starter bundle if you have the cash to spare - it'll give you a 128GB SD card and carry case for your trouble.View Deal

UK bundles

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Neon Red) and Mario Kart 8 for £299.99 from Currys/PC World (save £22)
Enjoy a cheap and cheerful entry into the world of Switch with one of Nintendo's most enduring franchises.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Grey) + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is £319.99 from (save £10)
Breath of the Wild is possibly one of the best games this generation, so getting it for less with the console is a bargain.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Neon Red) + Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is £309 from Currys/PC World (save £20.98)
Smack about Mario, Donkey Kong, Link and the rest in amusing cartoon style with this bundle from Currys/PC World.View Deal

Console only

Haven't seen any bundles that grab your attention? There's always the option of buying the Nintendo Switch by itself and adding on any games or accessories you want later. Fortunately enough, we've rounded up the best offers for you here so you don't have to (we're nice like that).

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