Bengoo's highly-rated budget gaming headset is ridiculously cheap right now

Bengoo V-4 gaming headset headphone deals
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Having the right gear is vitally important for the experience and immersion of games, but a lot of the best gaming headsets are sadly very pricey. But now, Bengoo has stepped up to the plate with a stunning deal: their flashy V-4 headset for just $29 or £25 on Amazon right now.

There's a lot going for the V-4s right out the box: noise canceling, a built-in mic, support for all major consoles and systems, a surround sound effect and dedicated subwoofer, and 49-inch cable with mute button. Basically, these have most of the things high-end headsets have, but for a fraction of the price. Ok, for this much, the noise-canceling isn't going to be mind-blowing, but when you compare these to the sky-high Sony WH-1000XM4 prices, that's not too surprising. We're not expecting Razer Nari Ultimate levels of immersion either.

While it's unlikely the V-4s ever listed for long at their $80 price tag, that doesn't really matter because their current price is a pretty unmissable steal. On Amazon US, the V-4s have over 7,700 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. While Razer headsets will of course be better, they're often quite pricey. 

Clearly then Bengoo is doing something right. As we said, the V-4s are compatible with PS4, Xbox, and PCs through either 3.5mm jack or USB, meaning you'll be able to swap between consoles and other systems with ease. These even support the Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Advance, if you fancy it.

Cheap gaming headset deal of the week

Bengoo V-4 (Blue) | Wired| Console and PC support | $79.99 $28.98 at Amazon

Bengoo V-4 (Blue) | Wired| Console and PC support | $79.99 $28.98 at Amazon
With a saving of over $50, these Bengoo gaming headphones are pretty unmissable if you want some peace and quiet when immersed in a game. These have everything you'd expect from a high-end headset, but at a very reasonable price. Buying in the UK? Grab them for £25 from Amazon

So, if you're looking to replace a gaming headset or get into the game for the first time, these are ideal: cheap, cheerful, great reviews, and a steal at under $30/£30.

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