Battlefield 6 screenshots leak shows more of a tropical island and rocket launch

Battlefield V
(Image credit: EA)

More screenshots from Battlefield 6 have seemingly leaked.

This latest round of screenshots shows more of the rocket that we saw in earlier rumored Battlefield 6 footage, along with some shots of a robot dog similar to the real-life Boston Dynamics creation

The images were leaked by a user of Tom Henderson’s Discord server before being posted on Reddit, and Henderson has since claimed that they are legitimate.

Unfortunately, every single screenshot that was leaked has the lol guy meme plastered over the top of it. Still, if you can look past that there are some tantalizing images here that give us a real look into what could be coming in Battlefield 6.

These screenshots also suffer from some low resolution, but we can see the rocket on its launch pad surrounded by soldiers, then another shot showing the lift-off, and finally a couple of images showing the rocket exploding.

There is another screenshot that shows the tropical island location that we saw in the previous round of leaks too. There isn’t much to glean from this given that the previous image was much higher quality. The only new thing we can see here is an abandoned yellow civilian car on the highway.

We shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to see if these leaks are accurate and a trailer the way EA and DICE intended it to be viewed - in 4K video and without memes slapped on top of it. The Battlefield 6 reveal event has been confirmed to be taking place in June by EA, with EA Play Live set to take play this July.

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