EA Play Live event set for July, here's what it may include

EA Play Live
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EA Play Live, the big summer gaming news event from EA, has an official date - and it's a little further from E3 2021 than we expected.

Electronic Arts sent out a "save the date" announcement for the event on its official Twitter account, confirming that EA Play Live will be held on July 22. Fun fact: the 3D cube, sphere, and pyramid in the teaser video included with the tweet are a callback to the company's original logo, which we would say has some strong vaporwave vibes if it were to be released today. 

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The date for the event is the only thing EA is teasing so far, however it does hint at something else by exclusion: EA and DICE are heavily teasing that the Battlefield 6 reveal event will come in June, so it sounds like it and EA Play Live will be separate events. The EA Play Live event could still have more to share about the next Battlefield after its initial reveal, of course - I'd be surprised if EA didn't start dropping a lot more info about the game in the following months, since we know the next Battlefield is set to arrive by the end of this year.

As for what else we could see at EA Play Live this year, there's always the looming specter of Dragon Age 4 - BioWare has given us behind-the-scenes looks and cinematic teasers, but we're still waiting for a proper look at gameplay for the upcoming RPG. It may still be too early to hold out hope for another look at the next Mass Effect, but it would be a perfect follow-up to Mass Effect: Legendary Edition when it arrives later this week.

Check out our E3 2021 schedule to see what else is in the lineup for this summer. 

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