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Battlefield 6 reveal set for June, EA confirms

Battlefield 6
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Update: EA has confirmed the Battlefield 6 reveal event for June, just a day after the publisher heavily teased as much.

As spotted by Battlefield News, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the June reveal during the company's earnings call on Tuesday. A specific date wasn't mentioned, but more info drops were teased for the remainder of the summer.

It's not like there were a ton of other ways to perceive the tease we reported on below, but it's good to know for sure that we won't be waiting much longer to finally witness Battlefield 6's introduction.

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Original story:

The Battlefield 6 reveal event is set for June, judging by a teasing Tweet from the Battlefield series' official Twitter account.

EA and DICE teased back in April that the next Battlefield game would get its long-awaited proper reveal "soon," along with confirming that, whatever it is, it will be headed to PC and new-gen consoles this year. Not very specific, right? Well, today it sent out another Tweet with the observation that both the words "June" and "boom" rhyme with "soon." Hm. Hmm. 

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EA hasn't announced its own official E3 2021 event yet, but that's hardly a surprise since it has done its own EA-adjacent event with EA Play for the last few years anyway. EA hasn't announced a new EA Play Live event for this year yet, but with this tease out in the world the chances that it is still planning one seem even stronger - and the Battlefield 6 reveal will likely be a key part of it.

Aside from EA confirming that the next Battlefield is coming this year (and that a mobile spin-off will follow in 2022), official details are few and far between so far. That said, a couple of allegedly leaked images from a trailer for the game do seem to indicate that it will return to either the modern day or the near future after touring both World Wars in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 - the last non-historical entry in the series was 2015's Battlefield Hardline.

Check out our full E3 2021 schedule for a handy list of all the confirmed events so far, including when and where you can watch them. 

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