Battlefield 6 images reportedly leak ahead of official reveal

Battlefield 6 leak
(Image credit: Leaked image)

It seems we have our first look at Battlefield 6 a little earlier than expected, as the first images of Dice's upcoming shooter have reportedly leaked ahead of the official reveal.

Both images seem to have been captured from a low-res Battlefield 6 trailer; one looks like a cinematic frame and the other seemingly reveals gameplay and the in-game HUD. Notably, the screens suggest that Dice is taking Battlefield to more modern, possibly near-future, setting with the next entry in the series. Check out the leaked images below, upscaled courtesy of Sian92984059 on Twitter.

(Image credit: Leaked image)

(Image credit: Leaked image)

It's always best to take leaked images and rumors with a grain of salt, but the above's authenticity was confirmed by noted Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson. "I'm not going to RT or share for obvious reasons... But yes, the 2 #BATTLEFIELD images that have been leaked in the past hour are real," Henderson wrote on Twitter.

As our friends at PC Gamer point out, Henderson reported back in March that Battlefield 6 would take place "around 10 years from now," taking the series from the WW2 setting of Battlefield 5 all the way to the 2030s, which, I'm afraid to alert you, are less than 10 years away now.

We've seen a number of leaks and rumors about Battlefield 6 by now; one claiming the game will launch on Xbox Game Pass day one, and another saying it'll skip last-gen consoles. Thankfully, EA recently revealed that the next Battlefield is launching Holiday 2021, promising the full reveal is coming "soon."

Battlefield 6 is just one of the new games of 2021 we can't wait to get our grubby hands on.

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