A Suicide Squad fan has watched the Ayer Cut – and says Jared Leto's Joker "stole the show"

Jared Leto as Joker in Suicide Squad
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A Suicide Squad fan has seen the Ayer Cut – and they have shared their reaction online. For the uninitiated, the Ayer Cut is director David Ayer's version of the 2016 Suicide Squad (not to be confused with James Gunn's The Suicide Squad), similar to the Snyder Cut of Justice League

"I had the honour of being shown 'The Cut' by [David Ayer] No bs. 2hrs 23m of incredible! A totally different story! Forget the theatrical. This movie has a deeper message," the lucky viewer posted to Twitter. If you're in doubt, Ayer himself confirmed the fan has seen the film. 

"I cannot give specific character arc details for obvs reasons. Just be assured [David Ayer's] 'mature cut' has deeper character arcs. The film totally different edit / order. A Superior story/film. [Cara Delevingne] was Great!! So much more character, we were denied," they added

Plus, according to the viewer, Jared Leto's Joker "stole the show" and Ben Affleck's Batman had "longer scenes." Ayer has said before that his original version of the movie had "terrifying" Joker scenes that were left on the cutting room floor. It also turns out that the Ayer Cut apparently doesn't include a scene featuring Ezra Miller's Flash arresting Jai Courtney's Boomerang.

The fan also reported back on how finished the alternate version of the movie actually is: "The edit is complete in terms of timeline, sound etc . But, I would say there's a bit of polishing required on some scenes particularly the last act – effects wise."

If all this has whetted your appetite to actually see the Ayer Cut, the good news is the fan answered a question on how likely a release is with, "''There is hope.'" 

No sequel has been announced for Gunn's The Suicide Squad, but spin-off Peacemaker is getting a season 2. Next up on the DC release slate is Black Adam, which touches down in theaters this October 21. In the meantime, check out our guide to all the upcoming superhero movies flying your way. 

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