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How to get the Warzone Scream skin

Warzone Haunting event
(Image credit: Activision)

The Warzone Ghostface Scream skin has been leaked early, and any operator would want to know how to get this Halloween mask to bring with them into Verdansk. The mask from the movie Scream, associated with the teenage slasher killer Ghostface, is a staple of Halloween horror and trick-or-treat the world over, and is getting added to Call of Duty Warzone soon. We'll take you through everything we know about how to get the Warzone Scream skin, aka the Ghostface mask and costume, in our guide below.

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How to get the Warzone Scream Skin and Ghostface operator

Warzone Haunting event

(Image credit: Activision)

There's no official way that we know so far on how to get the Warzone Scream skin, though we have a lot of hints as to what the answer might be if you want to dress in a Ghostface costume, as well as some details from hackers and official channels alike on when Ghostface will be available.

The first info we heard of the Scream skin was uncovered both in a glitch that appeared for some that presented the operator before the release date, and through dataminers and leaks who uncovered the character early, along with a similar skin for fictional character Donnie Darko

There also looks to be a tie-in game mode called Scream Deathmatch uncovered by dataminer HeyImAlaix (thanks Call of Duty News), which looks like some sort of stealth-focused experience about survivors avoiding the killers until the end of the match. A bit like Dead By Daylight, but with burly goons instead of frightened teenagers.

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In terms of how players actually obtain the skin for themselves, we only have past experience to go on. Previous Halloweens have also had movie tie-in operators, like Leatherface and Jigsaw, and in these cases the characters were buyable with Cod Points, the in-game currency which is usually paid for with real money (though can be earned for free by completing the Season Pass). If this remains the case, players will likely have a limited window around Halloween with which to buy Ghostface accordingly.

Warzone Scream Skin release date

Scream 5

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Since the leaks, Call of Duty Warzone has officially announced a date for the Scream character launch, albeit hedged in barely-cryptic language. "Scares begin on 10/19", according to the official Call of Duty Twitter, which used the interest around the glitch as an opportunity to reveal the operator in a proper capacity.

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If this remains true, it means that players will be able to access Ghostface pretty soon, though we can't for certain how long the Halloween event will last (until the end of October at the very least, presumably). Of course, we'll update this page when we know more, so keep an eye out here for everything you need to know.

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