What's in the Warzone Haunting event for Halloween

Warzone Haunting event
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The Warzone Haunting event has arrived with a ghost-themed game mode, a new Lapa SMG, and a Scream-themed crossover. As Warzone Season 6 continues, another spooky, Halloween-themed event returns to Warzone, and sees the return of Verdansk at night. This year’s special game mode , Ghosts of Verdansk, trades last year’s zombies for spooky ghosts. Dead players return to the map as ghosts once they’re dead but have an opportunity to return to life after collecting the souls of other players. However, living players will suffer hallucinations the longer they live as their Fear meter increases. There are plenty of other things in this event, including cosmetic bundles, new weapons, and modes for Black Ops Cold War, so here’s everything we know about the Warzone Haunting event.

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When is the Warzone Haunting event?

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The Haunting event in Warzone officially began on October 19 and runs until November 2, meaning players get two full weeks of Halloween horror across both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War multiplayer modes and Zombies. There are new cosmetic bundles including the Scream bundle with the Ghostface Operator, the Ghosts of Verdansk mode, Halloween Nuketown, a new SMG, and more.

Ghosts of Verdansk is the new mode in Warzone The Haunting

call of duty warzone the haunting event ghosts of verdansk mode

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Available during The Haunting event, Ghosts of Verdansk is a new, limited-time mode that takes players back to night-time Verdansk where deadly ghosts players can prowl the map. This mode runs for the entire Haunting event, so you’ll have until November 2 to play. Ghosts of Verdansk uses the normal Battle Royale rules right up until you die, but instead of being sent to the Gulag, you’ll become an incredibly powerful ghost.

Ghosts can super jump, glide, and teleport around Verdansk to find living victims to stun with their Spectral Blast and bring down with their melee attacks. Each player you defeat as a ghost drops a soul, and collecting three souls will cause you to drop back in as your original Operator. Performing a finishing move on an enemy player will also result in an instant respawn, but any interruptions will prevent this from happening.

Players can seek safety in Sacred Ground areas which ghosts can’t enter. However, they can eventually be destroyed by the ghosts, so they don’t last forever. Finally, Ghosts of Verdansk also introduces a ‘Fear’ mechanic which is represented by a meter that fills up over time but also as you witness horrifying things like finding dead players, seeing ghosts, or getting shot at. At 50% Fear, your character may start experiencing hallucinations that, once overcome, can lower your Fear a little. Hallucinations include spiders crawling on your screen, fake crash screens, and ghostly lights, so be prepared to see some weird things as you play. You can also reduce your Fear meter by reviving teammates, defeating enemy players or ghosts, and by staying in Sacred Ground.

What Warzone Halloween skins are being released

call of duty warzone the haunting halloween event scream ghostface operator

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The big, new cosmetic item for The Haunting event in Warzone this year is Ghostface from Scream as an Operator. To get the Operator, you’ll need to buy the Scream Bundle in the Warzone storefront for 2,400 COD Points. It comes with a bunch of other little Scream-themed cosmetics, including a finishing move, weapon charm, and calling card.

call of duty warzone the haunting event necro queen operator skin

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This Scream bundle is available during the entire event, but there are several other bundles you can get later on in The Haunting. Through other bundles, you can also get the Donnie Darko-themed Frank the Rabbit Operator skin for Baker, the Necro Queen skin for Portnova, the Disciple of Mayhem skin for Weaver, and the Lumens skin for Maxis.

What else is being added for the Warzone Haunting event

Warzone Haunting event LAPA SMG

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As well as the new Ghosts of Verdansk mode, the new Scream-themed gear, and all the other spooky cosmetic bundles, there is a new weapon in The Haunting event. If you complete all nine Haunting event challenges in either Warzone or Black Ops Cold War, you can get the LAPA SMG which is apparently a slower-firing, prototype SMG that’s good at longer ranges compared to regular SMGs. Just after The Haunting ends, you can also get the Hammer and Sickle melee weapon set by completing an in-game challenge or by purchasing the Split Personality Bundle.

Outside of Warzone, Black Ops Cold War players can check out Nuketown Halloween and the Prop Hunt mode for this new version of the map. There is also a new mode called Scream Deathmatch which sees two players become Ghostface from the Scream films and hunt down the remaining players. Infected also returns with a small zombie team trying to defeat survivors to bring them onto their team until either the survivors manage to live, or the zombies infect everyone.

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