Thursday Link-A-Mania

Carter and Fox Disagree Over X-Files Movie Title
Chris Carter revealed at the Paley Television Festival in Hollywood that the reason the X-Files movie doesn’t have a name yet is because he and film studio Fox can’t agree on one. “I know what I want it to be,” he said, “but Fox has ideas of their own. I know what it should be."

SCI FI Wire also reports a few minor spoilers which Carter and his writing partner Frank Spotnitz revealed at the festival (apparently the film will reference the fate of William, the baby Mulder and Scully adopted out in the show’s final season) as well as a brief description of a rough cut of the trailer for the movie which shown at the Festival. The tag line is: “Believe again”.

Scorched Earth
Tobey Maguire is to produce a film called Afterburn, based on a comicbook by Paul Ens and Scott Chittwood about scavengers searching for treasure on a future Earth which has been ravaged by solar flares, reports Variety .

Even More Iron Man Pics
Yahoo Movies has posted three more pics from Iron Man, including a very cool one of the "Iron Monger".

Galactica Star Moves into the Dollhouse
Battlestar Galactica’s Tahmoh Penikett has joined the cast of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, along with Fran Kranz, Australian Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj. Penikett will play Paul Smith, an FBI field agent obsessed with the urban myth of Dollhouse and a twisted romantic foil for Echo, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Kranz will play Topher Brink, a twentysomething genius programmer who imprints the dolls. Lachman will play Sierra, one of the dolls, while Gjokaj will play Victor, another doll who is “childlike when he's inactive, and everything from Errol Flynn to young DeNiro when he's active”.

Sarah Connor Looking Good for a Second Season
Detractors may have made a big song and dance after the viewing figures for The Sarah Connor Chronicles halved after its debut (which, to be fair, were only so huge because it followed on from a major sporting event), but The Hollywood Reporter is reasonably sure that rumours of its demise are premature. The magazine’s site notes that, “Fox's January-launched Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles remains the highest rated of the midseason scripted flock… and is likely to return next fall.”