Thursday Link-A-Mania

From Lana to Chun Li
Coming Soon snapped this picture of Smallville's Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li in Fox's upcoming Street Fighter movie at AFM '08.

Animated Oz
Joining the ever-growing list of unlikely directors being linked to unexpected projects (following Darren Aronofsky on RoboCop and Sam Mendes on Preacher) is John (Deliverance) Boorman. While the Brit helmer had dabbled in SF and fantasy with films like Zardoz, The Exorcist II and Excalibur, his output is hardly what you'd call easy viewing. In other words, his is not the first name you'd come up with when asked who do you think is directing and writing a new CG animated version of The Wizard of Oz? But that's exactly what Boorman's doing next. According to Variety it won't be a musical, so no chance of some duelling banjos, then?

Jack Black's Travels
Jack Black is to star as the title character in a contemprary reimagining of Gulliver's Travels, reports Variety . Rob (Shark's Tale) Letterman will direct for 20th Century Fox. Wonder if Yahoo is in talks about product placement?

Chuck Producer Promises Dog Day Afternoon Episode
Chuck fans (and we know you're a growing band) should check out this interview with the show's creator, Josh Schwartz over at Comic Book Resources. There are some mild spoilers about upcoming episodes, some info on the 3D episode, and the fact that his ultimate aim is to have Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal guesting on the show.