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Sweet and holy Star Wars, there's a levitating Death Star speaker and it's $25 off

It may be nearly bedtime on this most special of holidays, Cyber Monday, but there are still plenty of deals for those of us with sharps eyes and caffeine shakes. This Plox Official Star Wars Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is $25 off and the coolest way to listen to Taylor Swift ever. 

Once you've snapped up this little murder ship makes sure you check out the rest of our Cyber Monday Gaming Deals before it's too late.

This speaker promises five hours of play on a single charge, which is probably a lot more economical than the actual Death Star. 

Rachel Weber

I'm the benevolent Queen of the US, or - as they insist I call it - US Managing Editor. I write news, features and reviews, and look after a crack team of writers who all insist on calling trousers "pants" and don't think the phrase fanny pack is problematic.