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Christmas isn’t just a time for Bruce Willis to dig out his white Die Hard vest and blow up bad guys – it’s also a time when you can get exclusive subscription deals right here at Total Film !

Yes, we know Christmas is three months away (sorry to remind you), but why not get in early and impress your friends by bragging about your amazing gift-buying organisational skills?

If you've got a movie and/or TV buff in the family, treat them to a subscription to Total Film with our special seasonal offer, which is just £28.49 (or $77.99 in the US ) for a year.

That’s 13 issues over 12 months – enough to turn even the Grinch into a present-giving do-gooder.

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With exclusive interviews, up-to-the-minute news and on-set reports, Total Film is the modern guide to movies that loves Hollywood blockbusters as much as intimate indies.

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