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Save $10 on 3 months of Game Pass for PC with this early Black Friday deal

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The early Black Friday gaming deals are in full swing with a new offer for $10 off a three-month subscription Game Pass on PC over at Amazon.

That brings 90 days of Game Pass - a subscription that includes over a hundred PC games including new AAA releases - down to just $20, which, let's be real, is about as much as you'd spend on lunch at most places these days. For our money, this one's a no-brainer if you don't already have Game Pass on PC.

As far as early Black Friday gaming deals go, this one packs a whole lot of bang for your buck. If you take advantage of Microsoft's ongoing deal that gets you your first three months of Game Pass on PC for just $1, you can activate this digital code to essentially have six months of free games for just over $20. Even if you only play a handful of games in those six months, the math still works out in your favor.

If it's console gaming sales you're after, we're also seeing plenty of early Black Friday Xbox Series X deals crop up ahead of the big day. You can already save big on plenty of Xbox games as well as accessories like controllers, headsets, and storage. Of course, if you're still trying to snag the new Xbox, keep up with our Xbox Series X stock updates through the week and beyond, as even during sales season we're expecting very limited stock.

Get $10 off three months of Game Pass on PC

3-month Game Pass PC subscription | $29.99

3-month Game Pass PC subscription | $29.99 $19.99 at Amazon
Save $10 -
Combining Microsoft's ongoing offer for three months of Game Pass PC for $1, this deal essentially gets you half a year of free games for just over $20.

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In case you're still hungry for deals, we've also seen tons of solid Black Friday gaming PC deals already, making now a great time to upgrade your gaming setup with a new keyboard or mouse, a new 1440p or 4K monitor, or some extra storage. 

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