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Red Dead Redemption walkthrough

Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies

You’ll find Seth near the big “S” on the map. He’s hanging out in the graveyard of a church just outside of Armadillo. Once you approach Seth, you’ll see he’s busy digging up graves in search of some mysterious item. Seth isn’t quite all there, but he needs your help recovering the other half of a map that was stolen by his partner.

Seth’s old partner is being held by some lawmen at a train station a few miles away from Armadillo. Follow Seth there, and he’ll ask you to create a diversion by stealing one of the lawmen’s horses. Hop onto one, and ride off in any direction. You’ll now have a “wanted” level, indicated by a meter at the top of your screen. The cops will give chase, and you’ll have to outrun their “jurisdiction” by staying out of the darkened area on your mini-map.

After you’ve managed to ditch your pursuers, head back to the train station to meet up with Seth. Now that the lawmen are gone, Seth can approach his old partner Moses about the other half of the map. Unfortunately, Moses overpowers Seth, and makes a run for it. Chase Moses down, lasso him, and hogtie him. Bring him back to Seth, either by walking or horseback depending on how far Moses got, to complete your end of the deal.

For your efforts, Seth gives you a pardon letter to excuse the bounty you earned by stealing the horse. Walk into the train station to pay off the bounty. Seth departs, but you’ll see him again soon enough.

Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans

Mr. Wes Dickens is still hanging out at Ridgewood Farm when you see him next. Dickens believes he has a way to make some quick money to aid John in his plan to storm Fort Mercer. Hop in the passenger seat of Dickens’ carriage, and he’ll drive you off to the next location. You can choose to skip the long travel scene if you wish, but occasionally the other characters do have some interesting asides to listen to.

Once you arrive at Gaptooth Breach, Dickens drops you off. It appears his idea for making more money involves Marston winning a carriage race. Walk over to the rear cart, and get in to start the event. Unlike your friendly challenge against Bonnie earlier, this race has some actual stakes. Unfortunately, you can’t shoot any of the other competitors, or hit any pedestrians, both of which will disqualify you from the race.

That said, it’s still a relatively easy race to win if you follow the same advice from the race against Bonnie. Always hammer the sprint button in the straightaways, while making sure to not drain your stamina completely. Sharp turns are much easier to take when the horses aren’t bolting along at top speed, and with the carriage it’s a lot easier to get stuck. Be mindful of your surroundings while racing around the mountain.

After you win, meet up with Dickens, and he’ll drive you off once again. Some safe distance away from the racing grounds, Dickens drops you off, and tells you to see about a man named Irish, who should be able to procure some firepower for the assault.

Instead of going off right away though, track down Dickens again to help him out of another jam.