Red Dead Redemption New Austin walkthrough

Can a Swindler Change His Spots?

After finding Wes Dickens’ carriage near an oil derrick, he pleads with Marston once more to assist is gathering up some consumers for his snake oil. Like before at the farm, make your way into the crowd, and start the proceedings.

Almost as soon as Dickens starts his spiel, some riders approach from another town over where they were apparently just swindled. None to happy with Dickens, the threats start flying, and Marston quickly escorts Dickens back to his carriage for a quick escape. You’ll again take the passenger position while Dickens drives, which gives you a bit more freedom to aim and fire at the people who want to kill you.

Two waves of riders will follow you at the start. While most of the opposition you face will be from riders on horseback, as you approach Solomon’s Folly, there’ll be a roadblock set up to try and stop the carriage. Luckily, it’s loaded with dynamite, which makes it easy to destroy with just one shot. Keep protecting the carriage as another wave of pursuers attacks. Some carriages will attempt to battle you as well, but again, since you’re sitting shotgun and don’t have to worry about driving, eliminating all the enemies should be very easy.

The chase ends once you reach Cueva Seca, and Dickens drops you off once more. Don’t wander off too far though, as the next Dickens mission starts right where he drops you off.

The Sport of Kings, and Liars

Though Dickens just dropped you off, you can start the next mission with him immediately. Once again in need of more money, Dickens has the idea to enter you into yet another race. Get your horse, and follow Dickens to Rathskeller Fork. Make your way through the small village, and get in line behind the other riders to start the race.

Like the previous race, you can’t shoot any competitors, but now you’ll be racing just on horseback. The competition is a bit stiffer this time around, but the tried and true strategy of using full sprint on long stretches of straight road, while easing up on the horse around some of the sharper turns will still work wonders.

The Rathskeller race is a bit longer than the earlier races, which works as a benefit in case you happened to get caught up anywhere along the road. The AI is never that far ahead of you, even when its in first place, so catching up won’t be a challenge as long as you can stay on the road.

After winning more money for Mr. Dickens, he departs to make preparations for the attack on Fort Mercer. Now is a good time to visit with Seth again to make sure he’s still working hard for the cause.