Red Dead Redemption New Austin walkthrough

Justice in Pike’s Basin

It appears some bandits have stolen livestock that doesn’t belong to them, and Marshal Johnson could use John’s help in bringing these outlaws to justice. After agreeing to help John later for his contributions today, the Marshal and his deputies set off for Pike’s Basin.

Once you reach the mouth of the basin, everyone dismounts, and proceeds on foot. As you approach the first split in the trail, a small number of Bollard gang outlaws greets you with gunfire. Hop behind one of the rocks for cover, and pick off the bandits with your Carbine. The Marshal and his deputies aren’t bad shots, so the firefight shouldn’t last too long. Once you’ve eliminated this first wave, the Marshal and his deputies split up. Stick with the Marshal, and take the path on the right.

Two more Bollard gang members are hiding a bit further up the trail. Take them out before they can shoot the Marshal. Keep following the Marshal up the winding path, making sure to take cover every time you encounter more Bollard gang members. Johnson is good at pointing them out, but they’ll also appear as red dots on your mini-map. A short while later, you’ll come across a small encampment of gang members sitting around a fire. Get behind cover, and pick them off one by one with Dead Eye to make quick work of them.

Once you continue up the path a bit more, a few snipers will be waiting for you across the chasm. Take them out quickly, and make sure to stick close to the Marshal. Just around the next bend is a bridge. Once you’ve arrived there, more Bollard members will rush to join the action. Take them out, and head across the bridge. The deputies will catch back up with you now, as the next clearing is where the rest of the gang is holed up with the livestock.

You’ve got a great vantage point above the gang in the valley below. Get behind cover, and slowly work your way through taking out the bandits beneath you. The Carbine’s range will allow you to hit targets on the far side of the valley; so don’t worry about rushing down below to fight off the enemies. Once you’ve managed to take out all the shooters, head to the center of the encampment to meet up with the Marshal.

You’ll learn Wes Dickens has gone missing, and it’ll be up to you to find the snake oil salesman.

Old Swindler Blues

With no new missions from either Bonnie or the Marshal, it’s time to go save Mr. Dickens. There’s a “W” on your map just to the south of Armadillo. Head there, and you’ll find Mr. Dickens sprawled out on the ground near his carriage. John convinces Dickens to get up and see a doctor, but Dickens is in no condition to drive. John takes the reins of the carriage, and will be tasked with getting Dickens to Armadillo safely.

Though it appears as if this mission will be rather simple, Dickens has ticked off some bandits, who are eager to catch the old man. As you make your way back to Armadillo, these bandits will attempt to overtake the carriage. You’re also under a time limit, as Dickens’ health is displayed in a blue meter at the top of the screen. You’ve got to get him to Armadillo before it reaches zero, or you’ll have to do the whole mission all over again.

Outlaws will attack you three times on the way to Armadillo. When you’re not in the middle of combat, you can hit keep the horses running pretty aggressively. Anytime bandits show up, it’s best to slow down a bit to take them out effectively. Reaching your destination should be relatively easy at this point, and once you get Dickens to the center of town, your job is done.

While Dickens is visiting with the town doctor, head over to the Marshal’s to assist him in hunting down another batch of bandits.