Red Dead Redemption New Austin walkthrough

We Shall Be Together in Paradise

With nothing left to do in New Austin, Marston decides to continue his hunt for Williamson into Mexico. To get there, he’ll have to catch a ride on a river raft with Irish. Irish apparently has some connections south of the border, which he alludes will help Marston once they make it down river.

Like many of Irish’s promises, things aren’t always what they seem. In fact, Irish’s connections seem more inclined to shoot him then they do to have a shot with the guy. No sooner does the boat make it halfway across the river does a handful of bandits start firing at you. Marston has Irish cut the rope, and the raft begins floating down the river.

As you drift, more and more bandits appear along the shoreline. The raft does provide decent cover from most of the shooting, but you’ll still have to be careful once the Mexican bandits start throwing dynamite into the river. When you spot the bandits with dynamite, single them out in Dead Eye first. The raft can absorb a lot of bullets, but it can only handle being hit by dynamite twice. All in all, there will be ten different waves of bandits you’ll have to fight off from the raft. On the final wave, you’ll reach the shore, and find just a few more bandits lying in wait. After taking them out, Marston and Irish can finally get out of the water.

Immediately upon Irish’s departure, you’ll notice two new letter icons pop up on your mini-map. Mount your horse, and head towards Chuparosa to introduce yourself to Landon Ricketts.