Red Dead Redemption New Austin walkthrough

Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane

After arriving at the Marshal’s, John encounters a very distraught Mr. MacFarlane. It appears Bonnie’s been kidnapped by the same bandits who’ve attacked the homestead, and they want the man captured from the shootout the other night in exchange for her safety. The swap is to take place in Tumbleweed, and begrudgingly the Marshal agrees. Follow the posse to Tumbleweed, and assist the rescue of Bonnie MacFarlane.

Once you get to Tumbleweed, you’ll have to escort your hostage into town. Even if you happen to see some enemies poking out from cover, don’t do any shooting just yet. Wait until the bandits start firing at you, and then move to cover behind one of the rocks to your left. There’s a sniper on top of the church to the right, but most of the other bandits have retreated back into the town below. Take out whatever bandits you encounter, and then head into the ghost town to try and find Bonnie.

There’s plenty of cover in Tumbleweed, so just pick a good spot behind some crates, and pick off the rest of Williamson’s cohorts. Bonnie is hanging from a spot to the right. If you get a chance, you can shoot her down early, but you still have to take out the rest of the bandits before you can officially rescue her. After taking out the remaining eight or so enemies, head over to the blue dot on your mini-map to recover Bonnie.

Now that she’s been saved, it’s time to head back to Armadillo to talk to Mr. Dickens.

You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit

Mr. Dickens’ wagon is still parked outside the doctor’s office. John and Dickens discuss the virtues of Dickens’ mysterious elixir before Dickens asks for John’s help in acquiring new customers in Ridgewood. Hop on the wagon, and drive the merchant to Ridgewood Farm to see what kind of sales you can help drum up.

After you arrive, Dickens will try to interest the crowd in what he’s selling, but he’ll need your help to seal the deal. Approach the crowd, and Dickens will offer you a bit of his elixir before tasking you with shooting the cattle skull off the porch on the farmhouse. Simply aim and fire. You can use Dead Eye if you want, but since the target isn’t moving, you don’t really have to waste it.

While some of the crowd is impressed, there is one customer who just doesn’t buy it. He antagonizes John to prove the elixir made him a good shot, and you’ll oblige him by attempting to shoot his hat out of the air. Now you should use Dead Eye to get a perfect shot on the first try. Still unimpressed, the rude cowboy challenges you to fisticuffs. Hit him with a couple blows, and tackle him to the ground to shut him up.

Of course, he still hasn’t learned his lesson, and draws on John as he rises from the ground. Quickly enter Dead Eye, and shoot the gun out of his hand before the rowdy rustler has a chance to pull the trigger.

After you’re done, Wes Dickens tells you to visit his friend Seth, who may have a way to help Marston capture Williamson.