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(Prince) Albert squared

No stranger to strapping on period costume leggings and strutting about like he’s got a stick up his arse, Rupert Friend – seen in Pride And Prejudice and The Libertine – has snatched the role of Prince Albert in The Young Victoria.

And he’s a lucky bloke, because it means he gets to marry the lovely Emily Blunt, who’s already signed on to play her Not Amused-ness.

Go-to toff screenwriter Julian Fellowes has scribbled the script for director Jean-Marc Valee, and the story – obviously – follows the romance and marriage of Queen Victoria and her first cousin. Cue all the “when cousins marry” joke headlines when the movie starts shooting next month. But don’t giggle too loudly – Martin Scorsese is producing and he knows people who can whack the lot of you…