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How to find and empty your GTA Online nightclub safe

If you've taken advantage of the After Hours update to set up an entertainment empire, then you'll want to know how to find and empty your GTA Online nightclub safe so you can collect the profits from your management endeavours. As long as you're not completely screwing up being a club owner in GTA Online then your party property should be netting you a daily income, the exent of which will depend on how popular you've made your establishment - you can find out exactly how much daily revenue your club is producing by logging on to the computer in your office and selecting the Nightclub Management tab. Whether you decide to blow all your profits on whisky shots at the bar while trying to unlock the GTA Online Kifflom t-shirt is totally up to you.

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These funds are automatically deposited into your nightclub wall safe every 24 hours in-game, and while you're inside your club office you'll have a constant notification in the bottom right corner of the screen showing how much money is in there. There's a maximum limit to how much cash can be stored in the safe, which is also shown in the Nightclub Management app, and if you hit this storage cap then the wall safe total will turn red and no further income can be earned until you empty it. This is easier said than done, as your nightclub wall safe is actually pretty well hidden, so now we'll show you where you need to go to find it.

In your nightclub office, directly behind your computer, is what appears to be a plain wall panel. Look closely and you'll also spot a small $ icon on your minimap marking this location. Approach the wall and a prompt will appear, then pressing right on the d-pad will open your safe. Once you've popped open the hidden panel, simply walk up to your nightclub wall safe and you'll pocket any cash contained inside. Congratulations, you've collected your earnings - now get on to the Maze Bank website and deposit it, quick!

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