Friday Link-A-Mania

X-Files Poster
Coming Soon has managed to nab the poster for the new X-Files movie, and also suggests that we should keep an eye on for imminent developments.

Russell Not Happy with Doctor Who Time Slot
Outpost Gallifrey has reprinted part of an article from BBC inhouse magazine Ariel in which Russell T Davies criticises the BBC for putting Doctor Who on at 6.20pm. "The writer and executive producer of the series told the Broadcast television drama conference today that the BBC should maintain the later 7pm-7.15pm slot… but it had mucked it up,” says the article. “The BBC believes the programme would do as well in the new slot, he said. ‘Well, we'll see, but I think I'm right.’”

Hancock Is Here
A "mock" blog site for the upcoming superhero parody Hancock , starring Will Smith, has just gone live. Allegedly written by down-at-heel ex-super-bloke Hancock himself, it’s worth checking out for a You Tube-style clip involving a flying shark...

Friends Writer Creates BBC SF Sitcom
BBC3 has commissioned a new comedy about the first human clone, created by a former executive producer on Friends, Adam Chase. The BBC press release describes the show as, “a classic fish-out-of-water comedy revolving around the education of an innocent being who is seeing and experiencing our world for the first time. It could also be described as a buddy comedy about a modern Dr Frankenstein and his monster.” BBC3 Controller Danny Cohen confirms that the writing will be done by a team, using the American model for TV scripting.

Queen Scripter enters the Hereafter
Oscar nominated scriptwriter of The Queen, Peter Morgan, has sold a script for Sixth Sense-style supernatural thriller to Dreamworks. He originally wrote Hereafter before The Queen, reports Variety . Morgan also scripted The Other Boleyn Girl and The Last King of Scotland.