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Friday Link-A-Mania

Tron Versus The Green Hornet
Tron: Legacy, Disney’s update of the classic ’80s computer game movie, now has a release date: 17 December 2010. According to Variety that places it up against Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet and The Smurfs, both released the same week.

Tech Savvy Flash Forward Campaign
Although we won't be able to take advantage of it here in the UK, we thought you might like to know about US network ABC’s rather cool promotional campaign fot Flash Forward, the new SF show created by Brannon (Voyager) Braga and David (The Dark Knight) Goyer. Variety reports that there will be ads in US mags aimed at the tech-savvy (Wired, various gaming titles) featuring black and white codes which, when held up to a webcam, act as a kind of barcode, unlocking 3D ads and video segments from Flash Forward that will appear on your computer screen.

Scary Scarecrows
To be honest, it's doubtful any scarecrow will even be quite as creepy as Jon Pertwee’s Wurzel Gummidge (how did kids not have nightmares caused by his toothless leer?) but maybe a new set of killer straw men in indie horror Husk will set a new high in turnip-headed terror. Devon Graye (the teenage Dexter in Dexter) has signed up to this new horror flick about reanimated human scarecrows who reproduce by killing and force their undead victims to join their ranks. Brett Simmons wrote the script and is directing the project, which is based on Simmons' short film that played at Sundance, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Stargate Universe Press Kit
Sci Fi Wire (Why isn’t it SyFy Wire?) has some cool pics of possibly the most extravagant press pack we've ever seen, promoting the new Stargate spin-off, Universe.

30 More Days Of Night
Bloody Disgusting claims to have the scoop on the sequel to vampire bloodfest 30 Days Of Night. The site reckons that Ben Ketai has been tapped to direct 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, from a script Ketai and the original comics’ creator Steve Niles. Shooting could begin as early as this October in Vancouver. While star of the first film Melissa George will not be returning, her character, Stella Oleson, will be recast. Ketai wrote and directed a couple of web series based on 30 Days of Night (so let's hope Bloody Disgusting isn’t just getting its wires crossed and this is, in fact, just another web-flick).

Dollhouse Season Two Premiere review
Ain’t It Cool News has a review of Dollhouse’s season two premiere, “Vows" (written in the site's usual breasthless style) and the verdict a thumbs up: “funny, suspenseful, sexy and willing to kick around more than a few Very Big Ideas” and “the teaser and first act likely contain the series’ funniest 12 minutes to date.”