Visit all pirate camps in Fortnite - Where to find the pirate camps for the Battle Pass challenge

Fortnite season 8 is here and with it new Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, one of which asks you to visit all pirate camps. There are seven Fortnite pirate camps to find which will net you five battle stars - here's where they are on the map. 

Watch our video above for all the Fortnite pirate camp locations too.

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Fortnite Pirate Camp map locations

There are seven Pirate Camps on the map that look like normal structure that have been build on on. The key thing to look out for are the pirate flags. It's a dead giveaway

1. Lazy Lagoon, F2

Head to Lazy Lagoon at the top, middle of the map and you'll find a pirate camp to the west of the ship on a small hill. 

2. Abandoned house near Haunted Hills, B4

The old abandoned house hear haunted Hill and Pleasant Park has found a new purpose in life as a slightly spooky looking pirate camp in Fortnite season 8.

3. Near Dusty Divot, F5

On the north western edge of Dusty Divot you'll find a Pirate camp near the hill. 

4. The Volcano, H4

On the western side of the lava spewing hole in the volcano you'll find a pirate camp on the scorched sides of the mountain. 

5. Near Tilted Towers, C6

South west of Tilted Towers you'll find a Pirate Camp in the snow.

6. South west of Salty Springs, E8

Head for the big hill south west of Salty Springs and you'll find a Pirate camp on top of it just before the snow. 

7. Near Paradise Palms, H7

Just as the sands start for Paradise Palms you'll find a Pirate Camp at the broken bridge at H7.