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Fortnite Cannon Locations - where to deal damage to opponents with a Pirate Cannon

As one of the new additions to arrive in Fortnite Season 8 (opens in new tab), the Fortnite Cannons are definitely in keeping with the general pirate theme currently taking over Fortnite (opens in new tab). There are two different ways you can use a Pirate Cannon - either fire out a cannonball to deal damage, or climb into the barrel and launch yourself over great distances - and if you're working on the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges (opens in new tab) then you'll need to employ both techniques. For Week 2 you need to deal 100 damage with a Pirate Cannon, which can be achieved with a single direct hit, or several close shots which cause 50 splash damage. Week 4 tasks you to launch yourself through structures with a Pirate Cannon, so get ready to become a human cannonball! We've searched the island to bring you all of the Fortnite Cannon locations, so you can work through both of those challenges and beat them as fast as possible.

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Fortnite Cannon locations

We've found 14 Fortnite Cannon locations in total, and we'll update this map if we discover any more. But for now, these 14 locations are a quick way to get started with any cannon challenges.

  • East of Junk Junction - On a pirate convoy of trucks
  • West of Pleasant Park - Inside the pirate camp between the mountains
  • West of Shifty Shafts - Inside the pirate camp in the snowy region
  • East of Frosty Flights - On the back of a car on the hill
  • West of Happy Hamlet - On a pirate convoy of trucks
  • East of Happy Hamlet - On the back of a car just before the red bridge
  • West of Fatal Fields - Inside the pirate camp on the hill
  • West of Dusty Divot - Inside the pirate camp on the hill
  • East of The Block - Inside the pirate camp in the jungle
  • Lazy Lagoon - Inside the pirate ship
  • Lazy Lagoon - In and around the port town
  • Southwest of the volcano - Inside the pirate camp by the lava
  • South of Retail Row - Inside the pirate camp at the end of the bridge
  • South of Paradise Palms - On a pirate convoy of trucks

If you're looking to deal damage to opponents, then land near cannons close to the path of the battle bus and you'll no doubt have a few targets to take fire at. Just make sure you don't blast yourself off the edge of the map!

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Ford James

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