Fortnite: search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen - Season 8 Week 3 Challenge

In previous seasons of Fortnite, we were used to seeing challenges that involved finding a treasure map on the island and following its instructions to track down some hidden Battle Stars, though they haven't been featured in recent times. This entry in the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for Season 8 Week 3 harks back to those days, but this time you have to search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen. Some players might find this ridiculously easy, but for others this may be a bit puzzling, especially if you haven't reached the right Battle Pass tier level yet. Read on, and we'll show you how to do it, and literally show you in the video below.

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How to get the Fortnite Treasure Map loading screen

The Fortnite Treasure Map loading screen is unlocked once you hit tier 10 of the Battle Pass, and if you've already done that then maybe you won't have noticed it, ignored it, or rotated it out for something else in the last couple of weeks. You can check out all your loading screens in the Locker tab by opening your collection from the bottom row. Find the uncommon 'Isle of Treasure' loading screen with the tagline "The search is on…" and make it full screen by pressing in the left stick for a closer look.

Search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen in Fortnite

Looking closely at the Fortnite Treasure Map loading screen, you should be able to identify that under the magnifying glass sits a circle of trees with a statue in the middle of it. Applying that to the actual game map points to a location southwest of Polar Peak, so that's where you should make your way.

On the border between grid B8 and C8 on the map, directly southwest of Polar Peak, you'll find a circle of trees in the snowy region with various statues stood inside. Approach the main statue on a raised plinth in the middle, and the hidden Battle Stars required to complete this challenge should appear, ready for collection. Grab them, and you can tick this one off your list.

If you're working your way through the challenges, make sure you find all the Fortnite Pirate Camps and Fortnite giant faces.

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