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Darksiders II: Book of the Dead Pages, Stones, Gnomes and collectibles guide

The Spine

Soul Arbiter’s Scroll #8

(The Spine, southern gate) Just before you exit the Maw’s southern gate to enter The Spine, you should notice this scroll right in front of you.

Stone of Power #10

(The Spine) Upon entering The Spine from the Maw, turn around and look at the left side of the gate. You can climb up to the top of the gate, stand near the chest you find, and face south.

Relic of Etu-Goth #7

(The Spine) If you ride up to the entrance of the Soul Arbiter’s maze and then turn around, you may notice this relic on the edge of the cliff to your left.

Book of the Dead Page #18

(The Spine) Check the eastern edge where the bridges intersect.

Boatman Coin #63

(The Spine) This one is behind the giant rock formation in the southwestern section of The Spine.

Relic of Renagoth #3

(The Spine) Check the edge of the cliff just south of where you can climb up The Spine’s southeastern tower.

Stone of Power #11

(The Spine) There’s a tower in the southeastern section of The Spine. You can start climbing it from the south side. Work your way inside the tower and find the ledge with a chest on it. From here, you have a clear shot at a stone.

Boatman Coin #64

(The Spine) From where you saw the eleventh Stone of Power, descend the inside of the tower until you reach the exit door. Use the Deathgrip to grab the mid-air coin, which is just out of jumping range.

Judicator’s Tomb

Stone of Power #12

(Judicator’s Tomb, 1st fl) Upon entering the third room of the first floor, look up at the dangling cage.

Soul Arbiter’s Scroll #9

(Judicator’s Tomb, 1st fl) Once you get across to the south side of the room, check behind the western pillar for a scroll.

Relic of Khagoth #2

(Judicator’s Tomb, 2nd fl) In the northernmost room of floor 2, you’ll notice some water. Dive in and check under the stairs.

Boatman Coin #65

(Judicator’s Tomb, 1st fl) After defeating the Tormenter, break the crates in the northeast corner of the room.

Soul Arbiter’s Scroll #10

(Judicator’s Tomb, 2nd fl) After defeating the Tormenter, check the southeast cell for some writing on the wall.

Book of the Dead Page #19

(Judicator’s Tomb, 1st fl) This page is in the northeasternmost corner of the first floor. It’s easy to miss, only because you don’t think to turn left.

Relic of Etu-Goth #8

(Judicator’s Tomb, 2nd fl) Just after turning the corner south of page #19, look for some handholds on the wall to your right. These lead up to a chest. If you drop to the ledge below the chest, you’ll find a relic.

Boatman Coin #66

(Judicator’s Tomb, 1st fl) In the easternmost room (behind the skeleton door) you’ll notice some water. Dive under it and grab this coin.

Book of the Dead Page #20

(Judicator’s Tomb, 2nd fl) In the room where you found coin #66, climb the central structure. You’ll notice a Deathgrip hook on the north wall. Use it to reach the handhold above, then jump from the handhold to the right. You should land right on top of this page.

Boatman Coin #67

(Judicator’s Tomb, 3rd fl) When chasing after the third soul, your elevator will get stuck on some corruption crystals. After clearing the crystals, you’ll have access to floor 3. Jump into the water to find a coin.

Book of the Dead Page #21

(Judicator’s Tomb, 4th fl) Before proceeding into the room containing the final soul, loop around and grab this page.

Stone of Mystics #22

(Judicator’s Tomb, 4th fl) Enter the room with the final soul, turn around, and look up and to your left.

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